Monday, July 6, 2015

More from Aarons Beach

Here are some more shots taken from Aarons Beach.

I'm pleased to report I barely made it, they tried to kill me!  survived gall bladder surgery.  In spite of what I'd heard and read, recovery wasn't exactly swift and easy.  I'm supposed to return to work today, but I'm still taking pain medication which makes me tired, and I can barely eat anything.  So we'll see.

While I was incapacitated, July arrived.  We're now in the seventh month of this year.

Time continues to fly by whether I'm half dead from surgery an active participant or not.


Unknown said...

So glad you're still with us! Now go enjoy the rest of the summer... Edward

Anonymous said...

CBW...I am sorry that recuperation has been a challenge for you ! I cannot imagine spending time in the car for that commute would be the best thing, never mind trying to work ! Still sending good JuJu and prayer wheels spinning. Listen to some great is said to take an edge off pain.
Hugs from out west--

Anonymous said...

Glad surgery went well. Recovery can be a PITA but at least you're recovering in a beautiful place. Soon enough you'll be running around like crazy, driving every where and busy busy busy. Hard to believe when you're going through it, but you'll look back on recovery time wistfully. Betsy

Dghawk said...

Been thinking about you and hope you are mending well. Just take it slow and easy (if you can). We'll be here.