Friday, July 10, 2015

Washed Up

This basket was washed up on Aarons Beach a few weeks ago.  These always remind me of picking daffodils as a child.  We'd go through the fields picking up the bunches and placing them in these baskets--which were then submerged in metal buckets of water in the dark, cool barn before the flowers were packed up and shipped off in large cardboard boxes to commercial markets.

Most people around here associate them with fresh seafood, too.

Unrelated to anything thus far, my surgery took longer than I anticipated to recover from. I was expecting to trot back in to work on Monday after a follow-up visit with the surgeon, but he actually wanted me out another whole week. I was lethargic and just generally weak.  No appetite, no strength, nothing.  Nada. Since this is the busy season at work, and we're already short-staffed as it is,  however, I chose to ignore the surgeon's advice compromise and have been going in to work half days.  I race home early and take two-hour naps.

But finally today I'm feeling a little stronger. And I'm eating a little bit.

If I can survive next week, which is our absolute busiest at work, the following week I'll be on a much-anticipated vacation.

I can't wait.

I hope all is well in your world.


Bob Braxton said...

In the NC foot hills this would have been a (bushel) peach basket.

Anonymous said...

I saw the title "Washed Up" with the photos and hoped you were referring to flotsam and jetsam on the beach, and not your current condition!! Dr. Coleman hopes you follow her advice to do absolutely NOTHING the whole weekend, and get someone to feed you grapes and maybe fan you, as you loll on the deck... seeing as how you 'defied' the surgeon and did the commute and worked half-days. Your body does not care whether it is peak busytime at work and may punish you severely. My friend who had the thyroid surgery has had much pain and swelling in her neck and has been exhausted,(even too tired to meditate, which she tries to do daily since retiring.)

By now you must be home and looking forward to a restful weekend. I hope you replenish and heal the next few days.Hugs from CA