Monday, February 20, 2017

New Point

On Saturday, after going for a long walk, I took my new camera for a drive down to the southern end of the county.

My new camera and I are still getting acquainted, 
a process that's going to take forever a while. 

One of the places I stopped was Bayside. 

a bustling wharf and fish-packing plant back in the day.

The weather this weekend was remarkably warm for February.  Daffodils are already starting to bloom, certain trees have buds, and my back yard already could use a good cutting.

Most everything is still this dull blah brown of winter, though.  

Last weekend I was in Dillon Beach, California, where everything was green and beautiful.  We took a day trip to Calistoga, my new favorite small town where I would like to spend the winters when I win the lottery.  

Note to self:  Start buying lottery tickets, please.  Thanks.

In other news, I'm traveling to Atlanta this week for work, but when I return the weekend weather promises to be warm and wonderful once again.

I'll definitely spend more time becoming acquainted with all the gadgets and gizmos and settings on my camera, because there's way too much much to learn.

I hope all is well in your world.


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