Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Glebe

The other day on a whim, I took a much-overdue drive down the Glebe.

I rarely go down the Glebe, really, because I don't have any particular reason to.  But when I do, I always stop to take pictures of this soybean field and the little barn in the background.

Well, we all survived Thanksgiving.  My father is home and recovering nicely from all his health woes, although last week he was readmitted for a fever.  Thankfully they were able to control the situation, and he could return home in time for a fabulous Thanksgiving feast.

I completed my third chemo treatment last Wednesday, which means I have nine more to go.  So far, I continue to feel OK relatively speaking.  My hair has started to fall out, but thankfully I have so much of it, there's plenty to go around.  It's possible, although I'm not clinging to the notion, that I won't lose it all.  But if I do, I do. 

Aside from surviving, I've been trying to work when I can, although the commute and the stress of my job make for long days. It's shocking to realize the Christmas season is upon us once again, speaking of stress...I don't have the energy to battle with my huge artificial tree, so I am going to have to do something different this year.  What that is, I've not yet figured out. But it's going to involve a smaller, easier tree.  (Is there such a thing as an easy Christmas tree?)

Anyway, that's about it from my neck of the woods.  I hope all is well with you.


Daryl said...

love these photos .. love that your dad was home for thanksgiving love that you are handling chemo (knowing you chemo is likely to be the one doing not so well) and you'd look great with a pixie cut .. xoxoxo

Country Girl said...

I wish I lived closer . . . I would help you with that tree. xo

Anonymous said...

So good to hear you're dealing with your treatments fairly well---must really be a hand-full to continue to work as much as possible but I knew you would be a trooper in your fight with "the monster". Wonderful news about your Dad too--glad his recovery is progressing and he was able to be home for Thanksgiving. Give yourself permission to enjoy a scaled-down Christmas this year and make up for it next year. Those who love you won't mind and those who would mind don't matter !! All my best to you for a blessed and peaceful holiday. Linda in Tn.

Bob Braxton said...

been away a while.