Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Queens Creek

These shots of Queens Creek were taken from my back yard recently. 

We were experiencing a bout of what I like to call Scooby Doo weather. 

Gray, dark, a little bit spooky, maybe even creepy.  The fog always adds that little sprinkle of mystery to the overall landscape.

Flash forward to today, and all is back to normal--whatever that is. 

Mother Nature always reminds us that dark skies don't last forever. 

And no matter how gray things seem, nothing stays the same.  

This too shall pass.

Happy week before Christmas!


Daryl said...

i love a good fog shot as well as a good sunny dayz shot .. and here's to a much better 2019 for us all xo

Anonymous said...

I could live in a tent in your backyard---always such beautiful scenery going on there and the fog just makes it awesome !!! Here's to "normal" for you and your family and to a wonderful Christmas and New year as well. Linda in Tn.

Jay Jackson said...

Beautiful photography as always. Love the colors.