Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Crab Pots, Etc.

These were taken on a not-so-recent side trip to the public landing at Edwards Creek.

It's been too long since I've blogged.

But I have been taking pictures here and there, 

even if I haven't posted them.

This Friday I leave for Peru, a place I never imagined seeing or experiencing, much less with my two best friends from college. I majored in Latin American Studies back in the Dark Ages of the 1980s; yet I've never been to South America.

 On Monday, I'll be absorbing all the wonders of Machu Picchu. 

This trip has been nothing but logistical questions and challenges, one after the other.  But we've finally ironed out the Getting To part. (You can't just drive up and ask for a ticket to Machu Picchu.  The only way in is by foot or by train.  We'll be trainin' it....)

Now I await the Experience part.

Although I absolutely dread the pile of work that will await when I return, I greatly look forward to setting foot on that first plane Friday afternoon.

I love a good adventure. In fact, I live for a good adventure.

I hope you have at least one great adventure to look forward to in the near term.


thomas said...

Two thumbs up!

Linda said...

Great to see your photos. Hope to hear all about your Latin American Adventure when you get back. Safe travels!!

Daryl said...

hope you are having THE BEST time .. stay safe, please!

Allison Thomas said...

I love these photos! and have a great trip to Peru!

Bob Braxton said...

ours: paddling Mad Calf LN - canoe all the way around Gwynn (Island)! on our blog: PirklesPerch

Bob Braxton said...

end of April 2020 really miss reading your blog posts.

michaelbelow said...

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