Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ask Me

This is a shot of a lonely mailbox at an old, abandoned home located in a place very similar to Mathews here on the bay. There are more photographs to share from this location, however the sensitive nature of how they were taken precludes me from disclosing any further details, such as the location. Thank you so much for moving right along...

Keeping with this week's theme of "Even Chesapeake Bay Woman is Bored With Her Blog," today I'd like to ask a few questions.

Feel free to respond in the comment section--anonymously if you wish--or send an e-mail to Or, just stick your fingers in your ears and go "lalalalalaIsthisoveryet?lala"

Ready? Here we go.

This blog is pretty much a hodgepodge of free-for-all ramblings--very unfocused much like its author. On any given day you can find posts about some disaster in my daily life (chirping smoke detectors, anyone?); stories about me/my family (Cross Country Trip, for example); stories written by my mother or other guest contributors (Anonymous Mathews Native? I'm waiting); tidbits of local history or goings-on; pop quizzes and tutorials on how not to do something; the Sunday photos with associated quotes; posts which ask you to analyze a photo; the Thursdays where anyone can say anything they want and whining is encouraged. (By the way, that last thing is true no matter if it's Thursday or Festivus Day, just so you know.)

My questions are these:

1. Is there something you'd like to hear more about? Less about?
2. Do you have a question for me or my family that I--or they!--could answer in a post?
3. Do you have a question about Mathews?
4. Can you tell the well is running dry and/or I'm too tired to invest the energy to think up topics?
5. Socks and shoes. Are they really necessary?

Thank you for participating and/or indulging me and/or enduring me.

Just thank you.


Lisa D. said...

I love your blog and your photos. I love your photos because:
a) they are lovely pictures, and you should be proud of them
b) I have dial-up internet service and your photos load relatively quickly.

Your posts are always interesting and entertaining. Unfocused suits me fine - focused/organized people are usually annoying.

As for question number 5 - socks are highly overrated. I used to think shoes were overrated too, but I need the support more and more. I would rather be barefoot, though.

Pueblo girl said...

I love your blog precisely because it IS unpredictable and varied (and funny). It makes a change from overly introspective, monothematic (suspect this word is a fine example of Spanglish) blogs - and I'm including my own in this latter category.
I can't think of anyone else who could write posts using an old soil survey report, and make them fascinating.

Angela said...

Whenever I come for a visit (only to your blog, unfortunately), I feel like kicking my shoes off ( I CAME in shoes, because of my lovely insoles, but I`d rather be without)and bending over your your indeed sometimes meandering blog posts, giggling and nodding. I love to contribute to your 3 Thoughts Thursday or invent a name for a goose or describe what I see on a photo. I like it how you include your readers, and I think I could be very comfortable with you at my kitchen table, too! Just don`t doubt yourself, you are a lovely person and blog-writer!

judi/Gmj said...

funny, this is where I stumble to when I get bored with my blog.
you always entertain me.
unfocused is good, shoes and soxs not so much.
Well, unless I'm going Darylized. :)

Ann Marie said...

I have one question and one question only...
Is there any chance of a therapy session open in your near future? I have soooooo much to fill you in on!

we also need to .. gasp.... start planning Oysterfest 09 it is now less than a month away.. GASP.

Meg McCormick said...

Shoes and socks - not necessary during the warmer months... I usually try to get away with no socks for as long as I can, but sadly, the day is coming soon where I put the socks back on.

My $0.02 - I like your ramblings, your self-deprecating sense of humor... and viewing Mathews & surrounding areas through your eyes (and lens). I have a hunch you're putting pressure on yourself to continue to post daily, but if you're feeling blocked, give yourself a break. Don't worry; we'll still be here! I'm having the same problem lately. But my posting schedule is completely random. As you've no doubt noticed.

Caution/Lisa said...

Honestly, you could list everything on the menu at McDonalds and call that your blog, and I would still read it all. Every.Single.Word.

Daryl said...

Okay ... its not broken so just keep on keeping on ..

And I am yearning to visit that mailbox and take pix .. add it to the tour for BlogFest'10 .. we can all cram into one vehicle and be blindfolded til we get there .. or not

Do you think my quilt is done and will be sent to me as promised?

Unknown said...

I love the surprise element of your blog. It's educational, funny and full of everyday stuff that can be interpeted as either normal or crazy. For me it's mostly a crazy sort of way. But that's what I love about you and your world.

Linda said...

Shoes n Socks; Not necessary.
I'm relativly new here but I like your rambling blog! I find your view of Matthews & surrounding area to be very interesting, beautiful and educational. I love your photography!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Holy cow. I was expecting questions and I got something else entirely. Thank you all so much for your kind words.

Lisa D.-It warms my heart to know there's someone else out there struggling with dial-up internet. For that reason alone, I try to keep my homepage uncluttered and rarely (if ever) put more than one or two pictures up at a time. Also, barefoot is the way to go, it too is uncluttered and liberating.

PuebloGirl-Your Spanglish is better than my English. Thank you for your words. You can expect another soil survey post in the next week or two. Can't seem to put that thing down.

Angela- You've been so kind over the past year or so that you've been visiting. Nothing would make me happier than to have you come here for a live visit. Your blog (and your humanitarian efforts with Val) is wonderful, and I wish I had time to read more often. Your grasp of English is incredible and makes me ashamed I don't know more German.

Judi-Glad to have another supporter of the unfocused, and also glad I can entertain. That is high praise indeed, thank you.

Ann Marie - Yes, we definitely need to set something up. Also, we need to talk to BHE about logsitics, etc.

Meg-We really need to look into this socks and shoes thing. Declaring them off limits until the temp goes below 30 would be fine by me. Also, you're right about the frequency o posting, it's a self-inflicted requirement with Rain Man tendencies. I think I need help.

Caution Flag: Double fish fillet and a caramel sundae, this was my lunch when I was pregnant working at 18th and K Street in downtown DC back in the 1990's. McDonald's tartar sauce is the only that I'll eat. (Thank you for your kind words.)

Daryl-This particular location you would LOVE but it's a bit of a drive. We'll see what we can do next Blog Fest.

GJ-You speak my language, I speak yours. Love you for that.

Linda-Thank you so much. I'm grateful to hear from you.

Now seriously, if anyone has any questions or suggested topics, please let me know. There are only forty million days out in front of me, I have nothing but time and empty blog space to fill with hot air.

Happy Wednesday, the weekend is in sight.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

You're welcome.

foolery said...

Question: Are you gonna eat that or can I have it?

: )