Thursday, October 1, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

I took this a while back, probably in late July or August, from the road across from the old M&G in Gloucester (now a seafood operation of some sort). Off in the distance is a soybean field, but the tree in the foreground was what initially caught my eye. The trees further back serve as the picture frame for the soybeans and the sky. This was how I saw it anyway.

Thursday is upon us once again, and that means it's time to share Three Things.

I'll go first:

1. After replacing all batteries; after removing every single smoke detector in the house; even after turning off the power source my house continues to try to kill me the smoke detectors are still chirping. When they started squawking up in the children's bedrooms, I had to burst into tears for the third time today consider that the house just may be possessed.

2. For the past two days, my computer has been freezing up on me big time. I've tossed my cookies; emptied my trash cache and reconfigged my fig, but 8 times out of 10 I have to shut down and reboot. If you don't hear from me over the next several days, you'll know the computer has finally gone where it belongs: Hades the bottom of Queens Creek.

3. Thank you to those of you who comment here, whether it's every day or occasionally, or if you've just joined the insanity already in progress. You have no idea how much it lifts my spirits. If you read and don't comment, I'd love to hear from you. If you read and don't want to comment, that's fine too. Just know I appreciate it.

So there are my three things, now it's your turn to share three--or more--things. Whatever you want. Anything at all. Whining is all I ever seem to do encouraged and respected.

What's going on in your world?


maria from nj said...

1. I love your photographic point of view.

2. My life sucks at the moment. But basically it's my own fault. Sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy thing.

3. Going to go crawl under a rock and hope life looks better in the daylight.

Thanks for the (whining) forum!

Annie said...

1. I ma supposed to be doing some patchwork, finishing some star squares before I go to tennis later.
Already I have a backache from the sewing, so thought I would take a break.
2. Love the trees. Do you think someone put an old smoke alarm in the attic, or something? Maybe they are meant to chirp when they are removed from house/where they were installed? Maybe there is a bird in the attic.
3. I am so glad you write your posts for us to comment on. What would life be without our daily dose of cbw..that stands for chesapeake bay..words, wonders, wierd things, whateveryouwanttosay,wombats in the ceiling..mmmm... I better stop now!
4. There is a 16 yr old girl about to set sail from Australia. Solo around the world in her little pink yacht. She has already run into a bulk carrier off the coast before she even got to Brisbane in the last few weeks, while she was asleep below ...and now she is causing a stir, because after repairs, she insists she is going to set sail again. And despite the Maritime board finding fault with her in 4 different ways. She is going With parents permission and support. Hello? Are they trying to get rid of her? What do you think?

Unknown said...

1. 35 Days until Oyster Fest...drank a glass of wine in honor of that fact last night.

2. Go to and download their free program and run it on your fixed mine when that started happening. That should fix things.

3. Stop by the fire department and see if maybe one of those guys can fix the chirping issue...or maybe give you the free standing devices...then just pull the pthers AFTER you have cut the breaker and cap off the hard wires to the other ones. If things are still chirping in 35 days, I will do it for you, K?

Pueblo girl said...

1) Had a scary moment with my computer yesterday as well, which would have been good timing seeing as:
2) Officially handed my notice in at my old job on Tuesday, and
3) Am going to sign on as self-employed today, and need my computer for my self-employed job.
4) Also, am painting my "office" (the spare room). Paint said "mango", but it looks more like turmeric. Think this is going to become known as the Hare Krishna room.

Country Girl said...

1) Today I get to drive to Baltimore to see my husband's doctors at Johns Hopkins. (it's all good).
2) It's chilly this morning.
3) I'm going to be late for work if I don't get off this computer like NOW!
Have a good day, my friend.

Erin said...

1. it's more day of work this week and so much to finish; sipping my first cup of coffee.
2. was 37 this morning on my way in; our first 30's since last winter; i so love fall.
3. lost my zip pouch of my 2009 italy trip and other trips of memory cards; cannot for the life of me recall where it is, what i did with last accessed those cards in june. i am soooo upset at not being able to locate. ughhh.

Caution/Lisa said...

1. Thanks for pointing out the frame in your picture. It always helps to have someone smart walk me through life.
2. We have to learn to say, "NO," to our kids' ever-increasing activities. They've added two more since I started typing.
3. I despise Weight Watchers.

Daryl said...

Have you defrag'd it?

Go to the Start thing, then All Programs, then Accessories(its up at the top of the list of programs), then System Tools, then you'll Disk Defragmenter. Run it. But disconnect the internet first, it runs better that way. AND since I am betting you've not done this ever or in a very long time, set it up run overnite.. it could take a long time.

It should make things run smoother.

As for the possessed house ... I wish there was a defrag app for that.

Linda said...

1. Loved the photo. Trees "speak" to me.
2. No I'm not crazy
3. Firemen can be very helpful when a crazy eyed lady comes into the station mumbleing "Make it stop!"

Diane said...

1. I love my recliner. I've been sleeping in since August. It keeps me just upright enough!

2. smoke alarms drive me crazy! I hate the chirp. Ours are linked together so if one goes off they all go off. You have to find the one that's dying. Oddly, when our house caught on fire, the husband had everyone out before the alarms ever sounded.

3. A chihuahua in the lap is as good as a warm cookie and a glass of milk...

Mental P Mama said...

1. What Daryl said about defrag. I used to do that to mu pc all the time.
2. When you can, get a mac;)
3. I drank wine in celebration of Oysterfest, too. I do that every night.

Angel Mama said...

1. Beautiful picture - no surprise there - your pictures always are beautiful!!

2. I love comments, too.

3. I have no smoke detectors for the very same reason!

Shelley Jaffe said...

1. I so love your photos. Maybe next summer you should take us all on a photo 'safari' of your favorite haunts...

2. Hubster and I are leaving 2 teenagers for 4 days, and I have to cook about a zillion meals today and tomorrow to sustain them in our absence. I am all kinds of anxious on this one. I think I will just sit and catch up on blogs all day.

3. This afternoon I get to do my volunteer gig at the Health Unit and smell newborn baby heads for 2 hours. This is very, very yummy work.

Verif word? 'Silitio'. Referring to the act of one consenting adult on another, making them laugh uproariously.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your new self employment Pueblo Girl!

1. Long couple of weeks, I think I have an exteded headache.

2. Youngest daughter is home, withdrew from college for medical reasons. Long couple of weeks...see number 1.

3. I have the most supportive fiance in the world!!

Meg McCormick said...

1. snort
2. ah-choooo!
3. honk-snifffff

Still fighting a head cold. And since they put all the real medicine behind the counter, so as to keep 40-something suburban mothers from cooking it into CRYSTAL METH (like I would know how to do that anyway!), I'm stuck with ineffective placebos masquerading as Sudafed. GAH!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. My diet is not going well.
2. I dread the thought of winter.
3. I think I will drink to your blog.

ps-hello to my fellow union buddy!
hope to see you at the Oyster fest!

foolery said...

1. I idly squished a butter packet until it exploded all over the table once, in the airport in San Juan Puerto Rico. Ah, travel memories.

2. I have an unanswered -- but not unread -- e-mail from CBW in my inbox. Putting down the butter packet to go take care of that.

3. Home! And this is my room -- and you're all here! And I'm not going to leave here ever, ever again, because I love you all! And -- Oh, Auntie Em -- there's no place like home!

Unknown said...

1. It's raining but my AC is's a Texas humidity thing.

2. It's almost 3 PM and I still don't know what I want to wear today.

3.a I have to go get my flu shot and find a new groomer for JJ. One who knows how to get the goop out from the corner of his eye, and one that doesn't make him cry like a banshee when I drop him off.

3.b I should tell CBW that she can reset her PC to it's original settings, which might or might not get rid of her glitches.

3.c she should also save all docs and pics to a disc first.

mmm said...

The days are getting shorter. I like the cooler weather and the lack of sunlight in the early morning that makes it easier to sleep in, even if only for a few extra minutes.

My feet hurt from running too much; but I've got to do it for a little while longer.

It's good to read that CBD didn't have to get shots. I took one for her today - I got my flu shot.

Enjoy the cool evening.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Awesome - I love these Thursday comments. Thanks to you all for visiting and commenting.

I especially thank those of you (Marlene) who encouraged me to download the stuff that scans your stuff for bad stuff. (Stuff is a very technical term that is only used by those who have not had more than two hours of consecutive sleep thanks to four nights of a chirping smoke detector which persists even after spending too much money on entirely new detectors for the entire house and shutting down power repeatedly. Have also called electricians and have done everything they said to do. I'm ready to light a match to the place, but I digress.) Also thanks to Daryl for reminding me to defrag - I did it this morning. The computer is still not right but at least I'm not rebooting every time the smoke detector chirps.

Serenity now.

Thanks again to all of you - I love reading these.

abb said...

1. I love your words - they lift MY spirit every single time I visit you.

2. I apologize for not commenting every day - and not being able to visit every day - but I eventually catch up. Life gets in the way, dammit!

3. I am SO BUMMED I can't make it to Oyster Fest. But believe-you-me! I'll be at my second 2010 VA blogfest! Hell or highwater could not possibly keep me away!

4. Hope your 'puter probs are over SOON!

abb said...

OK, that was 4.

I went over my quota.


Mrs F with 4 said...

1. Current score - Mrs F 17: Mice rampaging in the Attic : 0 ; Oh, actually, make that one for the mice - the one that was still alive when I grabbed it by the tail, screeched, stepped backwards, straight through the attic hatch and down the ladder considerably faster than I went up it;

2. Yes, I know it's Friday. Thursday passed me by in a fur-flying, bottom-wiping nose-wiping social whirl;

3. I wiped Son 2's bottom after de-seeding chilis, but without washing hands (it was somewhat of an emergency, in my defence). I mean, I did use paper and all, but apparently some part of my flesh touched his. Does this make me a Bad Mother?