Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two Shot Tuesday

Above is a close-up shot of an old collapsed shed.

Below is a similar shot from the same property, different collapsed shed. For the time being, we won't talk about where this is. It's just better that way.

I like the color, the light and the emphasis on the window in the first shot. The second shot gives more context, but otherwise doesn't do a whole lot for me. Of course as I write this, nothing is doing a whole lot for me. It's cold, cloudy, dreary and Tuesday marks the return to the paying job after a long weekend. It's hard to convey enthusiasm for anything other than a nap and a winning lottery ticket at the moment.

What do you think? About the photos, not about the lottery ticket, although if you have some lucky numbers I'll play them.

Yours in lethargy,


mmm said...

Win for Life: 2 6 7 11 23 27.

(Note that my word verification is "lotra ver" - no kidding. Verily I say to you, that number has to be a winner.)

I know there's a beautiful boat somewhere in that broken-down shed.

Ann Marie said...

I like number one... I love pictures that you have to actually stare at and figure out which way the shed is falling.. is that a wall or a door.. you know all those important things!

Unknown said...

The first shot looked like collapsed stairs, then I saw the second shot and it all came together. Of course getting up way too early because the hotel alarm clock in the room was two hours off doesn't help. You would think they would check stuff like that since I think I'm the only guest in this place.

Oh, and about the photos...since this is your blog and not mine..they are super, both of them. I just wonder where you were standing to take them.

Mental P Mama said...

I could live in that shed;) Just sayin'. and here are some numbers:
1, 3, 17, 21, 7, 26

Good luck!

Daryl said...

LOVE those photos ..

I worked, in the last millennium, for the ad agency that handled the NY Lottery and their account guy told me the odds are in the favor of the random picks the machines make...I dont play the lottery because I am a sore loser

Caution/Lisa said...

I see rats in those sheds. Okay, fine,not really. I did, however, see a raccoon in my very SUBURBAN yard this morning.

No numbers here except Weight Watcher points, and those numbers are teaching me to swear.

Pueblo girl said...

Sometimes my life feels like the second picture...Not much holding it up at all.

tj said...

...I dunno, I like the second photo better. It's almost as if the shed is saying, "look I'm still useful as shelter to a critter if need be"... :o)

...And two photos?! You are so living on the edge these days...*giggle* ;o)


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Nice shots but I hate to see them. It's kind of sad. I coming over with a hammer and nails to fix it up. We can turn it into a bloggers bar! A place where you can sit at a computer with someone bringing you drinks as you blog away! Whatca think?

My favorite numbers even though they have never won a thing for me are 10,28,2,4,5,21. Good luck and remember me if they work for you!

abb said...

I love the chronicling the end of things. Love the first shot. There's beauty everywhere one looks.

Daryl's right - random picks are the way to go.

Meg McCormick said...

Well, the tracking number assigned to my letter I wrote to the DC DMV was 237435. I recommend you play that number.

As I was heading home after a mere 2 hours at the job in the city, because my son had called me - twice - to insist he was too sick for school - I bought a Powerball ticket. (Random picks!) It seemed more productive than counting the work hours I was going to miss and multiplying by my hourly rate.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Mathews Mtn Man- I'm writing yours and all the other numbers down to play at the next drawing. Also, you could be right about the boat. I was under pressure to shoot quickly and didn't have time to root around in there. Not that I was trespassing or anything, just in a hurry, you know.

Ann Marie-Me too.

Grandma J.- I think that naughty PJB changed the clock on you. Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

MPM-Writing the numbers down and will send you some cash if/when we win so you can buy the brick house down the way.

Daryl-I usually let the machine pick and when I say usually that means the two times I've ever played.

CF-If you come up with any new words, let me know, I could use a few spare ones these days. I seem to have exhausted the existing list of expletives.

PG- I know the feeling. Hopefully it won't completely tumble in, though.

tj-This shed definitely housed some critters - there were several other buildings and a house on this lot that no doubt housed any number of animals and INSECTS, the bane of my existence. The grass was so tall I was afraid of stepping on a snake more than anything. I got lucky this time.

NNG-Will definitely remember you, absolutely, if your numbers or any numbers win for me.

(Also, just so people know, I have to take care of my friend Sophie from Northumberland. We have a pact. Whichever one wins the lottery takes care of the other one so we never, ever have to go to the paying job again. I'll still be happy to help y'all out too, though. Yes, Middle Sis, you too. And Baby Sis. Msybe I'll have two nickels to rub together after all is said and done.)

TSA-Yes indeed. There's plenty of endings to be chronicled around here too.

Meg-Is this the same son who was sick recently? Ugh. Sorry to hear about more illness in the family.

Thank you all for commenting and oh before I forget:

if maria in nj reads this, send me an e-mail to the chesapeakebaywoman@gmail account. I need to tell you my "real" e-mail account for FB purposes.

Have a great evening. It's a wonderfully cool evening here tonight - the crickets agree.

Anonymous said...

Hey Big Sis, that'd be incredible... Thanks for thinking of me. :-) I think the pictures are very nice. They make me want to go in there and explore and see what would be left in there and then you'd wonder why.....

Middle sis

aurbie said...

I like the photos. I love to shoot old buildings, especially those that will soon be gone. Sad. There is so much history in old buildings. When they are gone, we lose a little part of history.

I, too, and waiting on the big lottery win. I have my secret numbers.

foolery said...

How did you get my address? And may I borrow these shots for the realtor? I didn't realize how great the place looks. ; )