Friday, April 8, 2011

Scenes from Bethel Beach

Thursday on my way to the courthouse (also known as the village or "downtown Mathews"), I made a quick pit stop to Bethel Beach to check and make sure everything was OK.  I like to do that, make sure things are OK.

Anyone around here knows that Bethel Beach is not at all on the way to the courthouse.  What that opening sentence is trying to disguise is that I was procrastinating; searching for any reason at all not to focus on the work I was supposed to be doing, which was taking photographs of the courthouse area before the morning traffic made picture taking there less than ideal.

 These first two shots were taken from my favorite pine tree.  Literally.  I was standing on one of the lower limbs gazing out over the marsh.

As you can see in the picture below, those lower limbs are not far from the ground, so standing on them is quite easy.  Before too long, though, I started to sprout a wild hair and really wanted to climb up higher, where a spectacular vantage point no doubt awaits!

From the extended menu of very valid reasons why a 46-year-old should not scale a pine tree with her precious camera when she's really supposed to be taking pictures for her book, Chesapeake Bay Woman made this selection:  She was afraid she'd damage her camera.

Next time, I am packaging the camera up in something that can withstand a fall in swamp mud, and I'm goin' on up.

Yes indeed, I am.

This time, though, since I had other work to do and wasn't quite ready to risk damage to bones the camera, nor was I particularly fond of the prospect of a fall into swamp mud, I stepped gingerly off that lower limb, got back in the car and drove onward to the beach, where the low tide exposed tree stumps and clay mounds and all sorts of interesting things.

Still, what I really wanted to do was climb that tree.  Maybe next time.

Have a great weekend, full of the fun and exhilaration of climbing a tree but free of all the drama that comes from falling out of one.

p.s. By the time I did make it to the courthouse there were too many cars driving through to take any book-worthy photographs.  The lesson I take away from this whole experience is this:  If you're going to procrastinate you might as well do it right and climb the pine tree.


deborah said...

I'm laughing!
You deserve to take a few minutes for yourself every chance you get-

The tree does look like you could climb to a better vantage point (big grin)

Have a great weekend! Please drink a glass of wine for me!

Jamie said...

First I sat here thinking, "how exactly is Bethel Beach on the way to the Courthouse from CBW's house?" then I read the next paragraph.

I will climb the tree. I climb trees all the time. Sometimes just to look at things from a different perspective sometimes to hide from the Brat Child.

Yes indeedy, if the weather is nice and I find time, I'm climbing that tree ;)

Mrs F with 4 said...

Um, when you say you sprouted a 'wild hair' I'm really, really hoping you mean on your head... not on your chin?

Climb the damn tree, for Heaven's sake. That's what it's there for!

What do I really REALLY want to do this weekend? Truly, I want to see the back of this snow, and head to the beach. Preferably a wild and windy beach, crabs or no, to blow these winter blues away.

Maria_NJ said...

Please be careful up there climbing that tree...

please raise a glass for me too!!

Grandma J, I have a wild hair on my chin that I have been meaning to take care of for 2 days now...getting old really stinks...

wv: recks: working recks everything...

Daryl said...

Remember to wear the flipflops with the wedges, that will make it even more of an adventure...I am not climbing that tree with or without the proper footwear but I would love to be there to record Jamie's climb or to stand in the courthouse and hold up a sign: STOP! PHOTOGRAPHER SNAPPING ... I bet I could also issue a tickipas (WV) to any who refused@

Country Girl said...

When I was young, I had a favorite tree to climb. I loved being high up in that tree. I remember how good it felt.

Hey, thanks for that memory.

Bethie said...

BBB! Beautiful Bethel Beach!

Have fun tomorrow!

ChesapeakeBayDaughter said...

Mom next time you want to climb a tree please get me or CBS to come with you, so we can laugh and help you up if you fall, plus I'm a master tree climber if I do say so myself :)


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

CB Daughter - You are wise, very wise indeed. And I agree, you're a most excellent tree climber. Anyone who can get to the top of a towering magnolia tree could very easily scale this little old pine tree.

Love you. - Mumma