Friday, April 22, 2011


This series of photographs was taken from the public landing at the end of Warehouse Road in neighboring Gloucester.  

Each picture juxtaposes something dead, colorless and seemingly lifeless with the green and beauty of spring.

The remains of a dock...

or a tree 

clinging to the shoreline.

"Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing process of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives."
- Mary Ann Brussat

"Nothing really dies it just turns into something else."  
- Ann Cushman

"I happened to notice that all these pictures featured new growth as well as death;  then I realized it was Easter weekend, and also spring!  

(Sometimes it takes me a while, but eventually I cobble such obvious facts together. Other days I wonder how I am able to function as a contributing member of society when it is the Friday before Easter and I'm only now catching up with the fact that it's spring. Or the Friday before Easter. Or the year 2011.)

As all these profound thoughts flooded my cluttered addled brain, it occurred to me that you might just like the pictures without all the extraneous Deep Thoughts, and so I will end on this note:  Enjoy today; enjoy the weekend; enjoy the gift called Life." 



Unknown said...

Very profound. I love the comparison and composition.

Jamie said...

Great photos per usual.... it's also Earth Day today. I'm off today so obviously my brain is not functioning ;)

Anonymous said...

When storms rage with their flashing lightning and roaring thunder, they splinter branches and scatter leaves upon the thirsty ground leaving the once beautiful trees naked and stripped of their garments. The tears from heaven burst from the sky and flood the earth with weeping waters.

These waters feed yet another purpose … Down beneath the surface resides this dark black mire, created apart from our perception, is made by the fermenting death of once living things.

Every beautiful thing in nature has its root in some dark experience. Every mighty, magnificent tree has a stormy midnight story to tell. We are all like trees …the surface of our thin existence, in some way is connected to a dying and from this death new life is reborn.

Meg McCormick said...

And all God's people said - AMEN!

growing wild on waverly lane said...

And the Lord said, "Let there be oil and let the oil become indispensable to the Hummers and those who love them." From Life to Death to EXXON Mobile and the unavoidable wars, and death, and...'Thar she blows!

deborah said...

Happy Easter!

Mental P Mama said...


Annie said...

Thanks cbw. I did enjoy your photos and always your Deep Thoughts (or others).
Hope you have a wonderful weekend with the family no doubt. Or friends.

I am awake early with the toddler. He fails to understand why Mummy does not wish to wake and play with him at 6am, poor chookie. But otherwise the little family are doing just great, and the baby is being a very good girl! And it will soon it will be only a month before I have to return ..sigh. ;-(

Looks like rain here for quite a few days. Always fun with a toddler inside an apartment. Hope the outlook is better where you are!