Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Warehouse Landing

Kids? Never EVER take pictures while driving. Thank you.

Today I am sharing some photos of Warehouse Road in neighboring Gloucester County.

I drove down here last week hoping to kill time in between an errand and the start of a Grandparents' Day program at Chesapeake Bay Daughter's school.

At the very end of the road lives this old house, 

a cute little outbuilding,

and public access to the Ware River.

OK, technically this is someone's yard.  But just beyond this was the public landing. I promise. 

Stay tuned for more shots from my trip down Warehouse Landing in Gloucester.

Question of the Day 
When was the last time you turned onto a road  you wouldn't ordinarily go down just because you could or had some time to spare? 

I am the Queen of No Spare Time, but in this case the choice was either to sit idle in a parking lot or go exploring. To me, that's not really a choice. That's a mandate.


Mental P Mama said...

You are braver than me. Way more.

Ann Marie said...

Just the other day.. in Gloucester ended up at Warner Hall... just riding .. been wanting to GO there but just ended up there on accident. Love it..

Maria_NJ said...

maybe if gas wasn't $4.59 stinkin cents a gallon...

All kidding aside, I'm guilty as charged. It is usually following a sign to a good garage sale, or something like that.

note to CBW...DO NOT go into that first house. It looks like it is ready to turn into matchsticks!!!

wv: But I never any EXTRO time!!

Bethie said...

Last Saturday, before the storm, in New Kent county.

Jamie said...

I live in MD but have a map of Mathews/Glaucester Counties in my car... I'm always turning down roads I don't know which is why I'm able to instruct my dad how to get places down there, which I love to lord over him. He's not so appreciative. I will be posting pics of our house today... it's lovely... but not condemned

deborah said...

Before I started these confounded panic attacks, I was always one for driving on the back roads or on a road I'd not been on before. Loved it! You can see so many interesting things adventuring:)

Unknown said...

I never go down unknown rural roads. I always have flashes of a Deliverance moment.

Jamie said...

You sure gotta purty mouth....

Daryl said...

I do that a lot, but on foot cause I dont got no car ..

Amistwsi .. am i stws i ... whatever ..

Kay L. Davies said...

When I was young and a whole lot braver than I am now, I would drive down backwoods roads to see where they'd take me. I've even been known to follow (in my car) a bear down a backwoods road. Now how dumb is that?
Wonderful photos, CBW, and a worthwhile use of that spare time you so seldom have.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Country Girl said...

When was the last time? Hmmm. I think it was the other day, although I can't remember where or why.