Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Aaron's Beach

Here are more pictures I took last Sunday, which was simply spectacular weather-wise.  Usually when I stand on this beach there's wind blowin' hard enough to knock you over  a strong breeze, and the bay is choppy.

Not so on Sunday.

The white sand matched the white wisps of clouds in the sky, and it was hard to know where the bay stopped and the sky began.

My daughter turned 16 yesterday.

Time is flying by.

Speaking of which, ready or not, here comes October.


Anonymous said...

Many Happy returns to sweet 16-er !
I know she is your favorite daughter.

Meg McCormick said...

So blue! Stunning!

Bob Braxton said...

We are over on the Bay side of Gwynn, Mad Calf Lane. Ann lives two houses away on the corner, N. Bayhaven. Our nephew and family (Germantown, MD) were there from Thursday through late Sunday. This has been used by the family (Dr. Pirkle, Petersburg originally) for about 65 years. My spouse has been going there from about age 5. They moved from Petersburg when she was eight.

Daryl said...

29 days til my office move and 19 days til i go to Amsterdam …. am i ready? nope