Friday, October 3, 2014

More from Aaron's Beach

Here are more photos from last Sunday's visit to Aaron's Beach.  Technically, these are all from the approach to the beach; the actual beach itself is just beyond all this marsh grass.

The parking sign is right near the dead-end turnaround--where limited parking is available.  I'm pretty sure it's understood to anyone traveling down here that parking in the ditch is frowned upon, but I suppose one can never be too careful.

So, duly noted.   No parking in the swamp.

Whether you park on solid ground or dare to thumb one's nose at authority by parking in the ditch, Aaron's Beach is a perfectly delightful place to park yourself to absorb the beautiful fall weather.

No matter what.

Have a fantastic weekend.


Bob Braxton said...

We have gone on bicycles to Bethel Beach and to Mathews County Beach. Is this either of those or is it a third?

Debbie said...

What a beautiful place you live in!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful spots, dubious parking areas notwithstanding. CB family have a good weekend !

Daryl said...

thanks for sharing sunshine ... i have been sick and its been raining .. .xo