Tuesday, March 15, 2011

B. Williams Store

This is the former B. Williams & Co. store down at Williams Wharf.  Last week I referenced this while talking about a reflection in a windowpane through which you could barely make it out. I said I'd post better/clearer pictures later on.

Amazingly, in spite of the fact that I am juggling two school schedules; two spring sports schedules; my own paying job; the book deadlines; a daughter who wasn't feeling well; and animals/people to feed I remembered I even had a blog to post better/clearer pictures.

Ta da! Here they are.

This charming structure lies at the very end of Williams Wharf Road.

According to the Mathews Land Conservancy, my new favorite website to visit (click here), the store has been "a local landmark since its construction in 1869. It served as a general merchandise store, ships chandlery, specialty ladies hat shop and post office during the late nineteenth century and into the twentieth.

Owned by the Williams-Murray family since the late eighteenth century, this site served as a major focal point of much of the activity that took place at this busy port and crossroads for nearly 200 years

I pass by this house several times during my walks/jogs up and down Williams Wharf Road. Until recently, I had no idea how much history lies in this one particular spot.

Later this week I hope to share some more photos from my excursion with my friend Johnny Pugh. Coming soon will be photos from Sandbank Wharf and Hubert's/I.P. Hudgins' store down New Point. Tonight, however, after a full day at work, I'll be attending Chesapeake Bay son's away soccer game.  So exactly when I'll get around to posting all these pictures is anyone's best guess not exactly clear.

Anyone else out there have to commute 50 miles one way to their job, work a full day, travel to an away soccer game, participate as an eager and enthusiastic spectator at said away soccer game, drive 50+ miles home, figure out how Daughter is getting home from lacrosse practice, feed everyone, get a few hours of sleep and then get up and do something similar the next day?

Or am the only crazy one? Actually, I realize full well how very fortunate I am, so pretend like I wasn't just whining complaining.  Thanks!


Anonymous said...



Kay L. Davies said...

If I'm not commenting regularly in the next month, it's because we're away again. Trains and boats and planes and all that. But will do the best I can.
I love the photos of this house. I'd love to have this house.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

mer-What an incredible story/video. Very inspirational and just what I needed this morning.

Kay-Have a safe, wonderful trip.

Meg McCormick said...

No, you're not the only one... I don't do 50 miles, but it does take me better than an hour to get into DC. And starting this week, it looks like I'm picking up an interim client whose office is close to Old Town Alexandria, and THAT, despite being 35 miles from my driveway, will take probably 90 minutes depending on when I go.

And now you know why I haven't updated MY blog in FOREVER!

Hang in there. One day they'll be grown and gone and you will wonder what to do with all your free time.

Maria_NJ said...

ditto mer, just so beautiful, did you read the last line of the commentary that the person who downloaded the video said, he said that Rick's one wish is to someday get to pull his dad. He will someday, it might not be on this Earth, but he will in the next.

Kay have wonderful trip, I am sooooo jealous

CBW, Breathe! I know with kids it never ends. And what we won't do for them. But like I said before I can tell you are a tough cookie(they just don't make them like that anymore) you can do it..hang in there friend

wv: equedess: the new horse fashion line by maria_nj LLC
(I crack myself up here)

Lynne M said...

Close, only 42 miles one way, and no soccer. I do have all the normal feel/clean/wash stuff. Doesn't usually bother me, but being 8 months pregnant and chasing around a 15 month old gets VERY tiring! At least my 15 year old only does bowling, and that is on saturday mornings during school. Can't imagine sports during the work week... ugh!

WV: agityr - what being completely agitated and tired is called.

Trisha said...

Love the history of the store! IT sure sounds like you have a crazy life right now!

deborah said...

fascinating history! Love that house, if only it could talk!
fascinatingly busy life you have - but its all worth it. In a few years, you can sit and write about the fun you had juggling!

wv: crabyers - people who enjoy wearing crab hats in public:)

Daryl said...

I admit just this morning I realized how much easier and less stressful it is to take the subway to the office ... of course its heavy and I do have to bring it back when I am done ... but still .. and yet ... ;-)

Annie said...

You got me thinking about all the running around I did when the 3 kids were younger, at school, and some days you were never quite sure how it would all work out. Like as if all the things you needed to do were not going to fit/be compatible.
And I remember the one and only time I couldn't be there to pick up my son from a soccer/cricket match (can't remember which) and I told him he would have to catch a bus and walk (just a few miles)....he looked at me, as if I had gone mad. Until I reminded him that he had just been up in the country on their school's open air program for 8 weeks, where they regularly walked/hiked all weekend...80 kilometers or so. Then he remembered also. And he managed to get himself home! Good on him! What we can do when we have to. At least it was in daylight.

My daughter once had to go to a sports carnival by bus to the other side of town (50 klms) and then when she got back at the end of the day she had to come home , change and get back on a bus to play in the music festival that night...another 50 klms away. Whew. Tiring!

But it gets better, before you know it they will be grown and gone (watch out if they wish to all get married in the same year...that's a bit of a killer)...then they have babies..9 grandchildren in 11 years...and you start visiting them all over the country and the world to help mind their babies when they go to hospital etc. Fun.

ps I'm here!! Hooray!!

Hope you can relax and enjoy your week, cbw. Always great photos and stories.

Meg McCormick said...

@Daryl, me too. It takes me longer and there's the germ factor but I can read and listen to podcasts of This American Life and it's actually a pretty predictable commute.

WV restsup - Meg restsup for her busy workday by sleeping on the Metro on her commute to work.