Tuesday, March 29, 2011


February 2011

June 2010

February 2011

June 2010

These are summer and winter comparisons of roughly the same scenes, taken from the marsh leading up to Bethel Beach.

The more I photograph this county, the more I realize a few things:

1.  In Mathews, change comes slowly.  If at all.
2.  It's way easier to take pictures from the safety and comfort of a heated vehicle in winter, even if one prefers the warm colors and temperatures of summer.
3. In warmer weather, when you roll down your window and lean out with your camera, the winged monkeys mosquitoes, mayflies and  horseflies start dive bombing, especially at the public beaches.
4. It snowed a little here this weekend and the cold weather lingers even though April is right around the corner.  I really miss warm weather.
5. I do not, however, miss the insects.

The End.


Bethie said...

I agree. I do not miss the insects, but I am so looking forward to some warm, not humid, hot, weather.

abb said...

winter...I want summer and SWEAR I'll never complain.
summer...I want winter and SWEAR I'll never complain.

I live up to my promises...

WV: lutabuhl What I wrote up there? Just a lutabuhl!

Daryl said...

I'm with you .. I love the country but not in the summer .. I really hate bugs more than you hate fiddler crabs and/or ants .. yup, that much

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I'll take the bugs if they'll bring the warm!

Meg McCormick said...

I like the green pictures best!!! So ready for warm and green and if that means I have to deal with bugs I'm prepared to make that concession.

Nates Pics said...

The bugs of summer are awful - but on the upside they are great for warding off in-laws, who are not used to our East Coast blood-suckers, from visiting in the summer. :)

Maria_NJ said...

I am definitely a warm weather person, but last summer was just waaaay to hot. I also like the green pictures better. I sell AVON if anybody needs some SSS...:^)


Unknown said...

The comparisons are so stark! Both beautiful though!

Karen Deborah said...

GAH girl! We are on the same wavelength. I am trying to be positive about the coming heat and not just think about BUGS! I'm not kidding.

Unknown said...

re item #3; You are not exaggerating about the flying monkeys. I once dated a girl from Gloucester when I was stationed at Langley AFB. I made the mistake of rolling my car window down when I was taking her home one warm summer evening and I swear a skeeter the size of a small airplane flew in the window and tried to carjack me!