Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three Things

Welcome to the day of the week known as Three Thing Thursday, where we share three things related to whatever happens to be first and foremost on our minds at the particular time we are writing reading this.

Who else is exhausted just from reading that opening sentence?

Let's begin.

1.  I need a nap.

1.  These photos were taken last week from the pavilion near the site of the former Bayside Wharf down at Bavon.What a gorgeous day this was. The reflections and colors in the water were mesmerizing.

2. The daffodils, my favorite flower, are finally blooming.  In a week or so there should be plenty of daffodil stories to retell pictures to share.  

3a. This weekend will be spent with friends I've known since kindergarten.

3b. By the way, the kindergarten we attended was the tiny, nondescript, orange-ish cinder block building adjacent to the Food Lion in the courthouse.  At the time that tanning salon building was not in front of it;  I remember a big tree in its stead. The A&P, Western Auto and post office were where the Food Lion stands. Mrs. Janice Hudgins was our teacher (and also my piano teacher).

3c. To give you an idea how heavy my accent was at the time, when Mrs. Janice asked us to provide examples of words that rhymed, I raised my hand.  When called on I confidently replied, "Iron and barn." At the time I pronounced iron as arn.

3d. What this has to do with the friends I'm meeting this weekend is precious little other than some of us attended that cinder block kindergarten together and one of us remembers vividly that arn is not how you pronounce iron. 

The End.

Now it's your turn. Please share three (or more) things that happen to be on your mind at this particular moment, arn and barn notwithstanding.


Bethie said...

1. Financing a mortgage, again.
2. Financing a mortgage, again.
3. The flip flops my stomach is doing since we are trying to finance a mortgage, again.

LOL!! Have a great day!!

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. I am convinced you are mocking me, with all this talk of daffodils, spring, and suchlike. We remain under at LEAST three feet of snow, and not the nice fluffy kind, either. The rock hard stuff that refuses to leave and bruises you if you fall on it;

2. I broke two toilets in ten minutes at the weekend (not by sitting on them!), and am still discovering what might politely be called 'fall out'. I'm just going to leave it there;

3. Conversation at school gate this morning: Yes, I know it is St Patrick's day today. No, I don't celebrate it. No, I am not Irish, I am English, that's why I don't celebrate it. Why? Let me ask you, Miss 'oh-but-that's-the-same-thing-smartypants, why you, as a Canadian, don't celebrate July 4th?

3a. Yes, I was a little snippy with her, I happily admit it. At least, happily now that I am home with two sick girls that I had to drag out to drop the boys at school, without so much as a cup of tea, because we missed the bus. Which came EARLY; 7.02 is NOT the same as 7.08.

deborah said...

Sending you a big ol' bear hug!

I enjoy St. Patrick's Day celebrations, as my maiden name is Patrick. So, Happy St. Patrick's Day and drink one for me!

The daffodils and magnolias are starting to bloom here - one of my favorite times of the year!

I'm going to force myself out of my slump, cook corned beef and go out with my camera. The sun is already shining brightly this morning!

Jamie said...

1. I like daffodils, they match my rubber ducky float.

2. Today I thought it was Wednesday. Yesterday I thought it was Thursday and then 10 minutes after thinking Wednesday was Thursday I commented that even though it was Tuesday it felt like a Monday morning. Confused? Me too.

3. It's been one of those weeks. I'm going to celebrate St Patty's day by ordering Chinese for lunch.

WV: Pacheno I like Al Pacheno

Maria_NJ said...

1. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!! (from this Italian mama) Hey everybody is Irish on St Paddy's Day!!!

2.May God give you…For every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile, for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial. For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share, for every sigh a sweet song and an answer for each prayer.
Irish Blessings

3. Put my corned beef in the crock pot, never made it that way before. Has anyone else. I didn't put the vegetables in there, I didn't want them to get greezed up!!

4. Wish I had a shot of Jameson!!

vw:deluer: I really hope that my 4 comments weren't that deluer and put anybody to sleep...

Trisha said...

1. Spring is a wonderful time of the year!

2. Bisters are not fun things!

3. Cats don't make good windows.

Daryl said...

I am always confused as to what day it is, I lose one day a week .. really.

I dont celebrate St Patrick's Day, I am not Irish.

I am envious of Jamie's lunch, I think I'll have the soft tacos our cafeteria is serving .. I wonder if it will be green ...

WV - moutio ... moutio, oh moutio where for art thou-io

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better i once asked my Dad how to spell ount. As in ount know. "I don't know." I never got to go to kindergarden. Is that sad or what. You can imagine how hard it was to move to Ca when I was 19 and realize what i hick I was.
I want you to know I have recovered from hickism. Have fun with your friends.
Lucy (Susie)

Jamie said...

I'm adding an addendum to my 3 things... just found out that I am being granted custody of the Brat Child. No hearing needed. It is indeed a lucky day.

foolery said...

1. Wearing red and black and just daring anyone to pinch me today. I do this every March 17th. To date, no one has had the nerve.

2. Oh I'm Irish, all right, but in the same way that tomatoes are minestrone: there's a buttload of other stuff in there, some of it unidentifiable.

3. I'm not actually crabby, just nervous. Client coming in for final review of video this morning.

Happy Red and Black Day, Daryl and Mrs. F (and everyone, really)!

Country Girl said...

1. I'm late to the party here.
2. The birds are happy.
3. I saw my son today.


Diane said...

I cannot comment
Blogger Blows!
I love you all!