Friday, October 24, 2014

Oh, Frigate

Lately, I've been parking my car at Salem Methodist Church and jogging various routes in the surrounding area.

No matter which particular route I decide on, I always run past Frigate Lane.

There is something about the word frigate that makes me want to repeat it over and over and over again. I envision myself stomping as I holler, "Frigate, frigate, frigate!" It's almost therapeutic, really.

Click here for the pronunciation in case you missed all the opportunities above.

Clearly, I need to get out more.

Thanks for your patience as I reveal the inner workings of a very addled brain that attempts to provide entertainment on long, boring runs by poking fun at otherwise innocent words on signs.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Debbie said...

You make me laugh :)and I have learned a new word to use to replace the other "no no" word! You have a lovely weekend too!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos....we all need to answer the stresses of life with a simple, "Oh, FRIGGIT !"
A seaworthy name, frigate, and as I am told I swear like a sailor, I can understand its appeal.

Holding the World in a Paper Cup said...

Any ideas of where I could park and walk with a baby in a stroller? Need a smooth road with very little traffic. Thanks! Our road is dirt/not stroller friendly.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Hayley, my apologies for not responding sooner. There are many side roads below the court house that have very little traffic...I usually park at Wayland Church (make a left at the Women's Club and it's the first/only church on the left) and can jog for miles without encountering a single car. Salem Church is another good place to park and walk/run, although depending which way you go, there may be a little traffic. The smooth surface you need is more difficult to find. Most of the roads are slightly bumpy, but I guess it depends on the quality of your stroller wheels. There is a track behind Thomas Hunter, but it, too, is a little bumpy. I know several folks who use jogging strollers with no problems on our side roads. If you need specific road / route numbers, I can look some up for you. Good luck!

Holding the World in a Paper Cup said...

Thank you! I'll check out Wayland Church!