Wednesday, December 24, 2008


If you've ever lived in Mathews, you'll recognize this house, which is more like a cabin, on Route 14 as you come into the county. I have always called it the Zebra House because of its blackish-brown and white stripes. I'm certain the person who built it did not have zebras in mind when he built it. But that only makes me wonder what on Earth that person DID have in mind. Other than the fact that it was used for an antique store and Something Else Which I Can't Remember, I've always wondered what its purpose was and how it came to be.

Because you never know which direction this blog is going in (and trust me, I don't either until the very last second, and even then it's highly questionable that there even is a direction), we're going to change things up. But first, some background.

1. Today is Chesapeake Bay Mother's birthday.

2. Today is NOT Christmas Eve. If it were Christmas Eve, then Chesapeake Bay Woman would have to get up at 5:30 a.m., commute to Williamsburg to go to work; waste the entire day at the paying job; bite her fingernails while nothing happens at the paying job because it may or may not be Christmas Eve; fret and stew over all she needs to do which includes: bake chocolate chip cookies; wrap presents; make Chesapeake Bay Mother a birthday dinner; purchase all the things for this birthday dinner, and for Christmas Day breakfast, and Christmas dinner; clean the house for incoming Baby Sister; go to the bank and the post office before they close (Wait! Are they even open?); and finally, close eyes, tilt head upwards, click heels three times and say, "There's no place like denial. There's no place like denial."

3. Thank heavens it is not Christmas Eve and is only Chesapeake Bay Mother's birthday.

4. Excuse me while I go have a nervous breakdown.

In honor of the above, I have two questions, and you only have to answer one depending on who you are, but if you wish to answer both, go right ahead. We don't have hard and fast rules here at Life in Mathews.

For Folks Who Currently Live Or Who Have Ever Lived in Mathews
Please tell me what you may know about this strange--yet interesting--building on Route 14.

For All Other Folks, Including Folks Who May Be Reading But Have Never Commented
(First of all, forgive today's photograph which will not be very meaningful if you don't live here...I like to say to myself that the real subtitle of this blog should be "Come for the Pictures; Stay for the Insanity." But I can't even say come for the pictures today. We're light on the art and heavy on the insanity). Anyway....Please give me a message to send to Chesapeake Bay Mother who is celebrating her 67th year of life on this planet.

Or just say whatever you want. Remember, there are no rules.

And there's no place like denial.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Chesapeake Bay Mother!! I hope the dinner your daughter fixes is your favorite, and there is plenty of cake and or ice cream to go with it. But then again, you are the best cook in that town, so just smile and eat whatever she puts in front of you. Afterall she is the fruit of your loins!
I wish many more years of happiness and good health!

Angela said...

Now this IS Christmas Eve (Most Important Day in Germany!)and I am a day too late for Mom`s birthday, but I am sending a hug to Dear Mom, because she is very sweet (must be) and brought up such incredible children (I know only J. who is just Fabulous!, but I assume the rest of the bunch is alike)and I wish her all the best!!
And what were the other questions? Don`t know details about that cabin but like its looks, zebra, yes, came to my mind, too!
And THANK you so much my dear, for your lovely comment on mine! Come back any time and make my day!
And have a very happy and relaxed Christmas!! I`m thinking of you!!

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Mathews and I have nothing more to contribute about that house other than zebra and antique store at some point.

Happy Birthday CBM! May you be able to enjoy your dinner in your birthday clothes.

Bear Naked said...

Will Chesapeake Bay Mother be wearing her birthday suit to the birthday dinner?
Will Chesapeake Bay Woman finish everything in time?
Will wine be included?
Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion to this tale.
However it ends, Happy Birthday wishes for CB Mother are winging their way across the internet from my blog to yours.

Bear((( )))

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CBMOTHER!!! The weather man predicts that it will be much warmer today than it has been. See? Even the weather man is encouraging you to run around nekkid - with, or without, the belt:)

Sorry, CBW....the forces are against you on this one. The warm weather may encourage aberrant behavior in CB Mother. Good luck getting everything done. I am at work this morning, and still have to do most of the things you mentioned before 5 p.m. Send wine.

Don't forget about Friday...if you can work it out. I'll call or text when I have a more specific timeframe.

pjhammer_1965 said...

So much to do, so little time! Christmas Eve is a mad dash for many and a stressful time for most. Your situation CBW is compounded, to say the least, by having to do all that cooking, cleaning, work, errand running, etc... but,there is a tremendous amount of joy in all of that giving and it will, no doubt; all get done. Sometimes in can be a challenge for us to remember that getting there in life is the fun part - we all know how it ends.

In keeping with the season, the struggle before the blessed event reminds us of what the holy family had to endure prior to the birth of our Lord, Jesus. Can you imagine what it must have been like for Mary? Riding on a donkey or a camel through the dessert, not knowing where she and her husband would be able to deliver their child? Talk about STRESS!

How appropriate that you're able to celebrate your mother's birthday on Christmas Eve.

"In rememberance of what Mother's endure for their children, we celebrate and appreciate you, Mom."

Oops, got a little Merry Christmas.

Icey said...

CBM - Happy, Happy Birthday! Love your guest blogs and look forward to many more to come!
CBW - If it were not your mother's birthday, then you would still be shopping for last minute gifts, wrapping gifts, going back to grocery store for ingredients you forgot for Christmas dinner, making chocolate chip pancakes because your children demand a "good breakfast for a change", realizing you have to wash and probably also iron the tablecloth that's been balled up in the bottom of a Christmas bins, rummaging through Christmas bins in hopes of finding appropriate hostess gifts for next 3 days of events .... parallel lives, parallel lives. Love you and Merry Christmas - so great to see you over the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like maybe all the Holiday turmoil might be approaching tradition status for this family? :)

Hope CBM enjoys her day.

Don't suppose it would calm things down any if I mentioned that I took 1/2 day off work yesterday to be better prepared for tomorrow....only to spend most of the time on an interstate which was closed because the ice was so bad. I'm now in the same boat as CBW needing to work all day and do the shopping afterward! Thank goodness for 24 hour Walmarts!!

Don't be surprise if you hear what sounds like drunken sailors out on the water'll just a boat load of lunatics singing birthday carols.

oh yeah, Santa's already left the shop.

Sure would like to hear more about last weekend from Icey's perspective!

Mental P Mama said...

Don't worry, denial is a very nice long river. A very Happy Birthday to CB Mom! I know you will get it all done. I just know you will;) Merry Christmas!

tj said...

..."Happy Birthday" CBMom! And here's to many, many, many more! ;o) And what's with this nekkid thing? I've obviously got some catchin' up to do

..."Merry Christmas" CBW & CBFamily & fellow CBPeeps! Wishing you and yours a joy filled, love filled, laughter filled Christmas Season!

...Peace & blessings...

Anonymous said...

Birthday Greetings, CB Mother! Please keep writing on your daughter's brings me such pleasure to hear your perspective on things. I hope CB Daughter makes you a delicious meal. Will you be wearing a bra to the table, or will you be going au naturel? Either way, you are loved by one and all, especially the geese, the kitties, and the dogs. Celebrate!

Unknown said...

67? That is so young : ). I hope her Birthday on Christmas Eve was WONDERFUL and I hope she has a great year ahead. Happy, Happy Birthday Chesepeake Bay Mother.

I hope you got done everything you needed to yesterday Chesepeake Bay Woman. I can't believe you had to work. CRAZY!

Sharon Day said...

That house looks a great deal like an antique shop we used to frequent when I was a kid (late 60s/early 70s) and I think it was owned by two old spinster ladies who ran it.

Anonymous said...

I will consult my mother on that cabin. She might know something.
Sorry you had to work. It and its Mother's B'day. Little too much for one day. I would need 2 days to complete all of that stuff. My son's B'day is the day after Christmas. That will be busy for us too.Don't get too stressed out. Enjoy your holidays
Love, your cuz

Anonymous said...

My mom & aunte (not spinters) used to have thier shop, The Unicorn, there, years ago when I was in high school.

Occasional Kate said...

I do have a tiny bit of history about that old shop, from the 80's. We lived in New Point, right next to the old chicken shack, and behind it lived the lady who ran the antiques/odds and ends store out of that zebra building. She gave it up after a few years though.