Monday, January 26, 2009


This is (yet) another picture I took from Commenter Breezeway's property on Gwynn's Island. I posted a sister picture of this not too long ago. Speaking of sisters, family, and colorful characters from long ago (What? You didn't realize that's what we were talking about? See how I can jump from one unrelated topic to another without batting an eye and expect everyone to jump with me?), I turn now to a contest about characters.

I am pleased to announce something new and different here at Life in Mathews: a post that doesn't cause your eyes to roll back in your head.

Yes, a contest.

I'm not big on rules, but here are some suggested guidelines:

1. Write a brief story about a colorful, unusual, humorous or otherwise noteworthy person/character from Mathews or your particular hometown. This could be a family member, or it could be some other lively character who stands out. Although I am particularly interested in hearing from Mathews folks, non-locals are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

2. You may submit more than one entry.

3. This should be about a real, non-fictional person. (Yes, I know. Real + non-fictional=redundant. I excel in redundancy.)

4. There is no hard and fast limit on how long or short it has to be, but try not to pull a Chesapeake Bay Woman-style story that stretches from here to Amsterdam. However many words it takes to get the picture of your character across is fine.

Mail your entry to and indicate whether you're OK with me publishing your story on this site. No matter who wins, I am sure there will be stories I will want to share, assuming we have good participation.

Deadline: Wednesday, February 4, at 7:00 p.m.

The prize: Your story will be published here (I can just feel the enthusiasm). The real prize is a choice of the following:

1. Lunch at Linda's Diner in Mathews, either with or without Chesapeake Bay Woman (your choice), and possibly with another surprise local guest, who is quite the character herself. How is that for vague? This prize is being donated by a blog reader who wishes to remain anonymous.


2. $25 (Cash or a gift certificate, TBD)

Depending on how many entries I receive, I may post selected entries here and ask the readers to determine the winner.

Clear as mud? Welcome to a Very Chesapeake Bay Woman Contest where we make the rules up as we go. Ask any questions you have in the comments section, and I'll be back on here tonight after work to answer them, assuming my computer works, and that is a touch-and-go situation. Basically I touch it with a sledgehammer and then go away, hoping things will improve.

Have a good week, everyone.


Unknown said...

All my friends are already know that. All the real ones are dead. I'm going to rack my brain and if any characters jump out, I'll write about them. Otherwise, I'm heading to Mathews in July and I'm having lunch with the winner....and others maybe.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ - The person doesn't have to be alive - you should write about Rita. We'll feed you good here in July, and there will most definitely be some characters wandering around then.

Ann Marie said...

oh dear.... I don't do good when handed the topic.. just ask Wahoo.. this is going to take a bit.

Anonymous said...

"...See how I can jump from one unrelated topic to another without batting an eye and expect everyone to jump with me?..."

It's a female thing. You're born with the ability as part of a genetic predisposition to drive men bananas.

...But we love you (and all woman) in spite of it?! Because of it?!


Mental P Mama said...

I think Grandma J should write one about Alf. I am going to sit back and enjoy this.

Meg McCormick said...

I'm going to write about you.

Unknown said...

Mental P. Mama and I have a lot in common. We both think Alf is a real person....even if he is from the planet Melmac.

Big Hair Envy said...

I can't wait to read the entries!!!

Sorry you have a sick boy:( Hope he's on the mend.

I like what you've done with the announcement. Unfortunately, I have been SLAMMED the past few days, and have not had time to wrap my brain around it....or anything else for that matter!!! I'll be in touch soon...promise.

Anonymous said...

This should be fun! I hope the entries are full of exaggeration and humor.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Ann Marie - I know you can weave a good story and heaven knows we've got some characters to choose from around here. There ought to be one or two teachers that would be worthy of describing, speaking of Wahoo.

RC - I must have an extra dose of that genetic predisposition, or else I had a gene mutate or something. I think that "driving the other one bananas" thing works both ways. I used to have a saying, "Men. Can't live with 'em. Can't shoot 'em." But that was a long time ago, I've softened a little in my old age. Some.

MPM - Alf is a good one, but she has so many characters in that family of hers she doesn't need to reach far to find one.

Meg - I am sure there is someone from your Pennsylvania home town who's more eccentric and flat out weird than I am. Isn't there? Please say yes.

GJ - That Alf lamp of yours is further proof that you yourself are a character.

BHE - No worries. I'll take a look at work tomorrow and tweak it some more. Then perhaps we can make a dual announcement this weekend regarding the Blog Fest in Mathews this summer....July 16 - 19for those who are interested.

MMM - I certainly hope you will be submitting something, if not for the contest, then as part of your job as contributing writer. (I've got slim pickins this month for some reason, I think it's just the January Lack of Sunlight Funk and the desire to hibernate for two or three more months.)

foolery said...

From your descriptions of Mathews natives, your readers will be hard-pressed to come up with a citizen who is NOT colorful.

I can't wait to meet every last one of them.

Also, the captcha code is


which I thought was an indelicate cream medication, ahem. Guess not.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Foolery - You are correct. EAch and every single one of the people with a Mathews connection (from heres, come heres, was theres, been theres) could easily pick a character or twelve to write about. I'll make sure you meet at least a handful of them if you (hopefully, fingers crossed, really wanting it to happen) make it to the Blogfest.

To anyone still on here reading this (and I don't expect there to be anyone, but still) if Foolery comes to Mathews this summer, she'll be coming from CALIFORNIA. To Mathews! Sight unseen. Grandma J is driving from TEXAS. Mental P Mamma and TS Annie and another blogger Daryl are coming from CONNECTICUT AND NEW YORK. I am also hopeful that lovely Meg from Soup is not a Finger Food will be joining us from the DC Metro Area. And there are many, many others I am hoping will join us. I am hoping to get the general announcement out soon, once Big Hair Envy and I figure out the logistics and details.

Mathews will never be the same after July 16.

Annie said...

Another wonderful photo! Do you ever put them in photography contests?

Sounds like an interesting contest you are having yourself. Good on you. I will have to have a big think about whether I know any colorful characters myself!


Meg McCormick said...

Yo, you need to quit teasing about these so-called "details" and spill it already. I'm dying up here, dying for some scoop!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie - Thank you. The thing with my photos is, the subject matter is so prevalent that I don't even have to attempt to be a decent photographer. I'm not! All I do is push a button and pray that I can figure out how to upload it. As is evidenced by yesterday's lopsided pic, I don't tweak them in the least, even though the software/technology is available. I am a purist. I've only entered one contest before, and I was one of several who won.

I know you have somebody to write about, and I look forward to your entry. I hadn't thought I might receive an entry from international participants, but it would certainly be wonderful if I did.

I'm thinking the Linda's Diner lunch as a prize might not work for you, unless of course you can hop a plane and make it here for our July Blog Fest.....? (Details coming this weekend.)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Meg - I'm so sorry for not sending you more details sooner....the dates were the main thing, and hopefully you have that. Any other details have been sketchy at best.

At this juncture, the thoughts are: a cookout at my house; a cookout over on Gwynn's Island on the beach overlooking one of the sunsets I love to photograph; a tour of Mathews (those of us from here are laughing when I say this, but seriously, there is a lot to see); and free time during the day to do whatever you want.

Depending on the number of people, I might like to work in a boat ride; we may be able to do some jet skiing; and we will certainly work in some surprise visits from some local characters who can talk about the Real Mathews (or rather the Old Mathews).

Mark your calendar....

Angela said...

How tempting to take part! I know so MANY odd characters, but none of them live in Mathews, and just imagine our neighbour Kuddl would win as the most peculiar guy of all, then you`d have to invite me for lunch (I´d insist you be there!)and I come from Hamburg,Germany! No no, but one day I`ll tell you about Kuddl anyway. He was also a man from the harbor. They sure have something special!

foolery said...

As if anyone DOESN'T come back to check out more comments. I do ALL THE TIME. May get in trouble for it one day, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh the pressure! *lol*

Seeing as how I know no one locally and rarely leave the house, I am going to sit back and enjoy everyone else's stories and be regaled by the colourful folks that inhabit your lives.