Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Man on the Moon

I shot this picture early one morning over on Breezeway's property on Gwynn's Island. I went over there hoping to get some good pictures of the bay but the lighting wasn't quite right. I went down on the beach in front of the little cottage and felt the urge to look behind me. As I gazed up, I saw the moon surrounded by these tree limbs, and the sunlight shining just perfectly onto the grasses. It was a most unexpected gift.

I am going to be very brief today in honor of the Inauguration. (Please hold your applause and cheers down to a dull roar, thank you. No pushing, shoving or stampeding as you bust your way out of this post.)

I selected this photograph of the moon for today because it reminds me that my great-grandfather, who was the blacksmith at Flat Iron long ago, never believed that a man actually landed on the moon. He thought the whole thing was staged by Hollywood.

This same great-grandfather and his daughter, my grandmother Nanny, lived in a different era, one in which nobody believed a person such as Barack Obama could--or would--ever be President of the United States.

I can't prove or disprove the moon theory, although I'm reasonably sure it wasn't staged. But times have changed, and I feel honored and privileged to be able to witness* this incredibly important and truly remarkable day in our country's history.


(*By "witness" I mean "watching it on TV while at work when I'm supposed to be working, not watching TV," but this is neither here nor there.....)

p.s. This represents 2 days in a row of posts that are on the more serious side. I will return to my usual, hypnotic, inane posts tomorrow. If I remember correctly, it will be a tutorial on how to replace your AC/Heating filters in 46 easy steps, a couple of which are tricky when not performed properly.

Also known as, "Chesapeake Bay Woman nearly kills herself, once again."


Anonymous said...

Stunning photo! Thanks for sharing.

Ann Marie said...

I just adore odd looking tree photos!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo!

My jury is still out on the whole man on the moon thing. Why haven't we (or anyone) been back? I'll think about that tomorrow.

Looking forward to the tutorial on ac/heat filter replacement. I need step 1 . . . where are they!!!! I can't locate them. Seriously. They must be hidden.

Anonymous said...

Happy long awaited Inauguration Day. I put in yet another plug for dd to wear your dress tonight. Needless to say, this most important decision rests at the hands of a fifteen year old and her unknown hotel roommate who will be making this most important decision after spending 8 hours in the freezing cold and will probably opt to wear jeans and a sweatshirt and thick socks to the ball! We were robbed..it should be US there wearing those beautiful gowns (and skipping work, school, snow and all other responsibilities)
Have fun tonight at your big non-gownwearing event!

Anonymous Hallieford mother of a very lucky girl today!

Unknown said...

I love, love, love that photo. Half asleep, it looks alike a snake winding around the trunk, and the grass...you caught that just right.

Here at the compound Martin changes our furnace/ac filters every other month. My crazy next door neighbor won't let him in....he hands her the filter through the door. I can rag on her because she doesn't have a computer.

Mental P Mama said...

An amazing day for us all.

Anonymous said...

I love your photos (stole yesterday's for my facebook page!) That tree is my favorite on the property. Before each and every forecasted hurricane or tropical storm, I go over to the cottage to remove sentimental items and I always tell that tree not to fall. So far it's been working out! I so enjoy reading this blog every day. Grew up in Gloucester, but spent enough time in Mathews to always be entertained!

pjhammer_1965 said...

Great photo. The moon landing as a myth has been disproved by the television show "Mythbusters" - excellent show on Discovery - not that it's not possible but; the conspiracy theory about the photos taken on the moon certainly was disproved, in my simple mind and opinion.

What a tremendous orator, President Obama. I was not personally on the bandwagon, as I thought he was an unproven commodity but; I've changed my tune and will stand with him. As unlikely as putting a man on the moon must have seemed, some 40 plus years ago, it must also have been an unlikely event that an African American would be elected President of the United States.

Today, my faith in the Founding Fathers and the meaning of the Constitution is confirmed. A just individual cannot disagree with the principles for which, President Obama stands - Liberty and Justice - the foundations upon which this nation is built. He’s straight-forward about the challenges and needs of our nation domestically, he promises peace and prosperity globally and warns of repercussions to terrorists world-wide.

I think he is seeing national security issues through a new set of eyes since his national security briefing. Keeping the Bush Admin's National Security Advisor is a good indication of the severity of the problem but, he's certainly capable of dealing with the situation.

President Obama took a few pot shots at the outgoing administration but; i think it was necessary to set the tone for his presidency and show the world that he will be more diplomatic. Wall street is not too happy, but that can't be all bad. I hope the new administration socks it to the greedy speculators who put us in the financial mess we're in today - to the Nth degree with regulation.

One of these days, Alice

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Susan - thanks for your kind words and for commenting.

Ann Marie - I have another one of this tree that I need to put up here one day - it is incredible (the tree, not my photography).

Phyl - Your Step 1 was exactly my Step 1 on the filter changing process. You are already well on your way to a Chesapeake Bay Woman-Style Adventure! (This is not a good thing, by the way.)

Anonymous Mother - I CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR DAUGHTER'S IN THE MIDST OF ALL THE FESTIVITIES. I want to have her autograph my dress when she gets back, whether she wore it or not. Oh yes, it definitely should have been us there. Good to hear from you.......keep me posted on Dear Daughter's adventures.

GJ - Thank your lucky stars you have a Martin. Is Martin available for hire and/or does he want to tag along for the Blogapalooza in July? I think he'd enjoy it and I wouldn't make him work too hard.

MPM - Yes indeed.

Breezeway - This particular morning I really got a lot of great photos even if they weren't the subject matter (the bay) that i was originally hoping for. That tree is spectacular. I also have some of the little outbuilding/shed near the house that are decent. There's one water scene in particular that I do like, and I am sure I'll put it up later this week. Thank you again, so much. I do check on things (making sure doors are fastened, windows are intact, nothing looks awry) while I'm there, so hopefully it's a mutually beneficial relationship. Also, if you send me your e-mail address, I can send you other pics I've taken that may or may not make it up here, because I took millions. Some are decent, some are really good, but you may like them all since it's your place.

PJH - As always, I appreciate your comments, and I agree with you. You really need to send me that swimming pool story...I love reading your stories. Thanks again for writing.

Have a great evening, everyone. I'm only on here for a minute and then won't be back on until tomorrow night.

Margaret Cloud said...

Very nice photo, I am with your grandfather on the moon landing.

Meg McCormick said...

I was two years old when the first man landed on the moon and, like today, the nation was riveted to their television sets. The story goes, my mom was insisting that I watch this historic event; to which I replied, "meh - it's a rerun, I already saw it."

Thought about that today as two of my kids weren't quite understanding why it was important for them to watch the inauguration. We did teach the 4 year old to say "Barack Obama" though, so I guess that's something.

foolery said...

There was a man WHERE NOW?