Sunday, February 15, 2009

Let's Vote

I took this from my back yard, it's a zoomed-in view of the creek looking east at sunset. I'm always amazed at the spectacular displays the eastern sky puts on at a time of the day when the western sky is usually receiving the most attention.

Speaking of being amazed at spectacular displays, it's time to talk about determining the winner of my little contest.

I thank all of you who sent in entries for the story contest. Each and every one was wonderful and I personally think they are all winners.

However, we need to determine one winner. Below are the 9 entries. Please review them and select your top choice and a runner-up, and send me an e-mail at by Monday at 7:00 p.m. (Those of you who have my other e-mail address may send it there if you prefer.) You may only vote once.

I will announce the winner some time early next week. (See how I avoid specifics with the "some time next week"? This is intentional because it gives me a buffer in case I have a computer crash, or we have a natural disaster, or I am distracted and forget to count the votes, for example.)

Contestant #1 - Moon Over Mathews

Contestant #2 - Most Memorable Hitch-Hiker

Contestant #3 - Everything Old is New

Contestant #4 - Cast of Characters

Contestant #5 - First Kiss

Contestant #6 - Young People

Contestant #7 - Chesapeake Bay Middle Sister

Contestant #8 - Hitch-Hiking: A Lost Art

Contestant #9 - Larry


Annie said...

well, I think you should be congratulated on having this little contest, and rounding up such high quality entries from around the countryside! Good on you! Three cheers for cbw!


ps Will send my judgments soon by email!

Ann Marie said...

wow... why do I hate the voting process so.. I it to be like it was when we were in Kindergarten and the teacher said there are no winners and losers.. we are here to play the game and have fun so we are ALL winners..

I am dorky like that.. unless you put me on a softball field and then I might just may have a streak of competitiveness.. and I may or may not have been thrown out of a couple of games because of it..

Mental P Mama said...

I loved every one of them. But First Kiss remains the standout for me;)

Anonymous said...

Getting ejected seems to happen to the parents more now-a-days, than to the children.

I view it as just another job of being a parent...setting examples and embarrassing daughters.

Softball Dad
aka, rc

ps. Good Luck to all contestants!
fyi - bribes can be forwarded to me thru CBW. :)

mmm said...

Thanks for hosting the contest, CBW!

pjhammer_1965 said...

I enjoyed reading all the stories but have to cast my vote for the story that most resembles my own juvenile delinquent past and - Middle Sister is Da Bomb

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie, thank you so much. I was very pleasantly surprised at the entries, and it just proves to me that there are many stories to be told and many wonderful writers to tell those stories.

AM- Just pretend like you're on the softball field and only one of the nine people on the opposing team can have a home run. Which one is the best hitter?

MPM - Duly noted. Your chad-less vote has been cast.

RC - I would have thought that setting examples and embarassing daughters were mutually exclusive...also, I may skim a percentage off the top of those bribes, but I''ll return them if you can lasso me a book or TV deal.

MMM - The thanks really goes to the participants. They did a great job.

PJH - Your vote is officially cast and has been noted.

Happy Sunday, all.

Unknown said...

I have to go with Middle Sis' entry. I loved them all, and had to actually come back twice to read them...but yep, MS gets my vote.

foolery said...

This was so much fun to read, Miss Cheeky. Thanks for encouraging such interesting, fun and terrific writing. : )