Thursday, February 19, 2009

Letter "F" Part 2

I shot this from Haven Beach a month or so ago on a very dark, bleak, overcast, dreary day. Yesterday was one of those days around here. Cold. Rainy. The sort of day that makes you want to feign illness, fall back into bed, and fly post haste to the land of nod. Speaking of "feign," "fall," and "fly" which are all "F" words, I continue my assignment from yesterday.

Val from Monkeys on the Roof tasked me with identifying 10 words which are important to me and which start with the letter "F." Yesterday I wrote about the first five words; below are the remaining.

I do believe in fairness for all, and most of my life I've taken up for the underdog, for those who couldn't fend for themselves, in the name of fairness. We're all in this short life together, and no one person is better than another.

How can you not like the word "favorite?" Even if used in an overall negative sentence, such as "My favorite way to clean the house is to have somebody--anybody--else do it," well that's just wonderful because it is your favorite, the best of all possibilities. Not to mention, in this instance you don't have to clean the darn house! Bonus! Anyway, "favorite" is one of my favorite words.

Just hearing the word "frizzy" makes me laugh a little bit, but when I think harder about the word it makes me laugh a lot. You see, all my life I had hair straight as a poker. You couldn't get that stuff to curl if you stuck your finger in an electrical socket while holding a curling iron between your teeth and standing knee-deep in bath water during a thunderstorm. No amount of effort was going to get my hair to do anything except look like straw. But wait! Now I'm in my 40's, and all of a sudden I find out from the lady who attempts to work with the gray, black, white and red sprigs that now coil from my scalp that, "Honey, your hormones are kickin' in and that changes the consistency and texture of your hair, so welcome to Frizzyville!" Great!

Now, on top of that add the fact that the water that comes out of Mathews County spigots is lethal, deadly and disastrous for hair. You couldn't tell me from Bozo the Clown in a line-up except the clown would be wearing more make-up, and my hair would be green instead of red, thanks once again to Mathews water.

So in conclusion, "frizzy" makes me laugh. The End.

I'm talking The Big Freedom here, but I'm also talking about the Little Freedoms: the freedom to sleep in late and listen to the water hit the roof on a rainy day or the freedom to wear a bathrobe all day if I so choose.

Fat-Tailed Sheep
A fat-tailed sheep is "a coarse-wooled mutton sheep that has great quantities of FAT on each side of the tail bones." I'd never heard of a fat-tailed sheep before I flipped through the dictionary trying to remember some good "f" words. I decided instantly that it was highly meaningful, mostly because it made me laugh.

Thanks again to Val for giving me this assignment, it was fun (for me anyway, I can't speak for y'all).


And now a word from today's sponsor:

The past two days of mutterings and ramblings are brought to you courtesy of our little contest, which gave me almost two weeks without having to write a blog post after writing practically every day for going on a year.

I wish I could say things will improve, but I don't want to tell you yet another word that begins with "f"......a fib.


Unknown said...

That was an amazing job of F's! Now I have to go look up a
Fat Tailed Sheep.

Bayman said...

I feel that my foolish fantasies of floundering in front of your blog have flourished long enough. It is only February, and I must go seek my fortune. Hope your day is filled with fodder for future postings. You are a flower.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ - It's in the dictionary, I promise. I couldn't believe the definition. Imagine - a fat tailed sheep is a sheep that's fat. That's brilliant! I need to get a job with the dictionary people, their work seems pretty easy.

Bayman - Fantastic. Did somebody say flounder? Fried flounder?

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Fantastic job on the F's.
I love fairness, I too have always tried to fight for the underdog. I agree with you totally.

Meg McCormick said...

That's a fun theme - I may have to pull that one out of the Blog Idea Closet when my muse goes on vacation.

My least favorite F word is February. February is such an insult. And I say that despite the fact that the Steelers won the Super Bowl this month!

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of friends! And funny friends that make you laugh are the best! Thanks for all the F words!

Mental P Mama said...

I want a baby lamb. And, will we not be able to wash our hair at the blogfest?

Angela said...

I said everything that needed to be said after the first f`s, but can I have an invitation to the blogfest? Does fest mean Fest as in German? Will it take place in Mathews or on blogland? I can bring some flounders, as my neighbour Mr. Fischkopp sold me some the other day (still ALIVE - I made him cut their heads off himself) and surely knows where to find more. No access to fat-tailed lambs, though. But my other neighbour Mr. Ploetz (name of fish)(not mentioning my postman Mr. Fish)has freely running chickens, of the old-fashioned kind...

Anonymous said...

Did you just call me a Fat-Tailed Sheep?

Anonymous said...


You did an utterly Fantastic job with your letter. I've seen so many of these "Letter" memes lately, but not any with so much depth. I really enjoyed this one.

Anonymous said...

My word verification is thien, as in, a thien-tailed sheep is the opposite of a fat-tailed sheep.


foolery said...

Man, it would be nice to have a dictionary definition define you, wouldn't it? "She's fat -- she's SUPPOSED to be fat! See? It says so right here." Takes all the pressure off.

I would ask them to leave out the words "coarse-wooled" and "tail," however.

Nice job, Miss Cheeky. I will be doing this same exercise using the letter X.

mmm said...
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mmm said...

Frolicking fun as usual, CBW.

Frankenstein - booooo
Freud - wooooo
Fred Flintstone - yaba daba doooo

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

PP - Thanks, I knew I liked you.

Meg - I'll tell you what, you have hit the nail on the head with February! January was a very slow build-up to this overall feeling of Blah, and we're not the only ones who feel this is rampant in the blogosphere. Winter doldrums, lack of sunlight, trapped inside too much, I don't know what it is, but I got it. Bad.

Asthmagirl - Funny friends are indeed the best.

MPM - I'd bring a heavy dose of creme rinse/conditioner if I were you....

Angela, you and any one who reads is very cordially invited to this summer fest, and yes, I do believe the word translates the same...basically a festive event,full of frivolity and fun... aka a party. It will be right here in little old Mathews County, Virginia - go to the for details, such as they are. You'll see our ever-growing list of bloggers who are coming from near and far. I'd LOVE to have you and others from Germany attend! Baby Sis even speaks a little bit of German. Come one, come all.

BHE - No, I called you the cruise director for this blog fest and can't wait to hear about the BAND you're investigating....

Auds - glad you liked it. Now, can I mark you as a YES/definitely for the blog fest?

AMN - I think those thien-tailed sheep hang out at riparian buffers, or so I hear...

Foolery, you are a friend who definitely makes me laugh, consistently. I can't wait to read your list, you and you alone could have a field day with the most obscure letter of the alphabet.

MMM - Good job. Remember, if we get a band for Woodstock--I mean the Blog Fest--you are doing your best John Lennon impersonation.

I'm exhausted from basketball and crowds and teenagers yelling and screaming. This does not bode well for an interesting post tomorrow, which of course I've not written yet, so let me set your expectations right where they need to be: as low as possible.

Although! The pictures coming up are decent. So, come for the pictures, stay for the insanity if you can stand the monotony.

That's going to be my new sub-title, I think.

Curt McCormick said...

Fluffernutter sandwiches from my childhood. Yum!