Saturday, February 28, 2009

Silent Saturday

Yes. This picture had so much potential with the setting sun's rays adorning that one goose. But you see on the right that the other goose has been decapitated, thanks to the so-called photographer's inability to center the subjects. (Truth be told, I was centering the main goose and the impressive sun light - I didn't even see the headless goose to the right.)

Speaking of being off-center and feeling as though only decapitation will bring relief, I turn now to the subject of my health, or rather my sickness

For the first time in years, I woke up yesterday truly sick. All day long I watched the thermometer rise to new heights of fever, and I bent over double in pain as my chest took a pitch fork to my lungs and a blow torch to my throat every time I tried to inhale. Then, when I was feeling my worst, CB Baby Sister and I had to play basketball for a fundraiser at the high school. You know, the normal thing you'd do when you're deathly ill.

(BTW - CB Baby Sister, who scored over 1,000 points in her high school basketball career, did exceptionally well at this event. CBW and her raging fever and inability to see, much less inhale, almost scored a bucket for the opposing team.)

Rather than focus on my ailments, though, I'd like to hear what a healthy person is doing this weekend.

Tell me what it is you're going to do--or even better what you'd like to do.

In the meantime, I will be ten toes up underneath blankets, wrapped up like a cigar.

Have a great, bronchitis- and fever-free Saturday.



Annie said...

whew...hope you are ok there! Sorry to hear you are not well. Thinking of you! I am not sure I would class myself as a normal person, but certainly I am bronchitis free at the moment...and am having a very lazy weekend. There are many things I should do, a couple of things I would really like to do, but so far...nothing! Sorry to be so ..mmm..exciting! Well, I did do the washing, and go to the shops for the weekend papers and some fruit...and am trying to read some more of my book...well, of my many books and papers etc etc. Hope you are feeling well very soon. Are cbw mother (or children) any good at making soup for invalids!

oh and I should be taking some photos and downloading them for another blog post...mmm...

Unknown said...

Oh no, that's terrible. I haven't been sick like that in about three years, and I hold my breath that I break some kind of record for never getting sick in twenty years.

Hang in there....and drink water...some of that spring water.
Sorry about the "almost bucket" for the opposition. Are there some pictures from the event?

I will be spending the day at my granddaughter's first track meet of the season. She broke some school records last year, let's hope she can at least maintain some stamina as the season starts.

Take care!

Annie said...

ah, Grandma J and I posting at the same moment..pretty good! Hello Grandma J! Another sporting family!

Forgot to mention I love the photo..goose at sunset...

I have been playing some scrabble moves on the internet with my sister in Melbourne. Not sure where my brother is, but he hasn't had his go which is holding us up on the other game!

Sounds like It is about time I stepped outside and got some soon as it is a bit cooler!

Icey said...

So sorry you are feeling bad! What is a (relatively) healthy (physically anyway) doing today? Too much ... Kickox class at gym to atone for excesses. Kenny hoops tournment where he will do a fantastic job dribbling, passing, defending but will refuse to shoot, even if he is right under the basket being guarded by a midget. I am guessing his team will not last long. Then going to get my hair done to cover emerging gray strands and pretend my hair is not the color of a dead mouse. Tonight some neighbors are having a wine tasting party where I am sure I will outstay my welcome as it is only a short walk home and we have a babysitter w/no curfew. Most of them are used to it by now.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie-A lazy weekend sounds perfect. Stick to your reading and relaxing - the washing and other work will always be there waiting for you.

GJ - Good luck to your granddaughter. Let me know how she does.

Annie Part II - Scrabble on the internet? Didn't know it existed, but that's coming from someone whose father calls a laptop a flaptop and who still has dial-up internet.

Icey - I am completely exhausted reading your list and do not know where you get the stamina for all that. Well, all that except for the wine party. (I just had my hair colored about 2 weeks ago. Today? Looks like nothing ever happened. Grays are sprouting up everywhere and the Mathews water has turned it a reddish hue with a heavy dose of mousey. I'm thinking of going for the Sinead o'Connor look and shaving the whole bale of hay right off.)

MMM- Thanks. I've only been up for five minutes and need another multi-hour nap.

Back to bed I go...hope everyone has a great day.

Meg McCormick said...

Oh, no! When I get sick, everyone gets to know about it because it happens so rarely, I figure that's my due.

We have an obligation-free weekend, except for toting the 4 year old to a birthday party on Sunday morning. Well, actually, we will have to divide and conquer on that one because some of us have to be in church. Otherwise, I'm going to make clam chowder, maybe bake a pie, and we'll be keeping our eyes on the weather forecast for what is probably our last good chance of winter snow in the DC area.

Hope you feel better! Green tea with honey should help.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Meg - Can you send some clam chowder down this way? Please?

They're calling for some winter weather here too, but they've done that so many times and we've been disappointed so many times that we don't pay it any mind anymore.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor thing!! Well, nothing's worked on what's going on in this house except sleep and a lot of it.

Then more sleep.

Ideally, if I could, I would've gone to the Ansel Adams exhibit at the pfac today and enjoyed a little time there hiding from the cold outside and the colds in my house.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Michelle - I hope your brood is on the mend very soon. Sleep is definitely a good thing.

Unknown said...

Hey, I just wanted to stop by and say I hope you are feeling better.

Mental P Mama said...

Oh no! Feel better.

Anonymous said...

You know what I'm doing working at f.L. Saw your parents and sis last night. Congrats on the game. Hope you're better soon

foolery said...

What a drag. Hope you're feeling MUCH better by this time. Bronchitis used to be my personal affliction, so I know it well. Only antibiotics kept me alive.

Took the girls out to breakfast --$22 before tip, OUCH! -- Saturday for Smedley's birthday. Home to bake a cake. Off to Chico to see a movie, "Coraline," for the birthday. Home to make frosting and filling. Threw a table cloth on the table, vacuumed, and had the parents over for cake and presents. Not enough wine to sustain the momentum.

I'm tired NOW.

Feel better!

Anonymous said...

So this is what happens to you when I don't write or read, you fall apart. That kind of responsibility is almost like a commitment....

My computer is working again...with a new/used motherboard and smokin' display card, all set for those pictures you never send me :)

With you feeling better, my computer back from the there something cosmic going on here?