Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three Things

Once again Thursday is here at our doorstep, and that means it's time to be grateful to have survived another week.  

Also it's time to share three random thoughts. Or in my case, three blog posts in one.

1. Unless a major weather event sneaks up on us, I will go crabbing today, and I don't mean the sitting barefoot on the end of the dock with a chicken neck tied to a piece of twine chewing on a piece of clover wearing bib overalls and a straw hat sort of crabbing.

(The Misplaced Modifier/Run-On Sentence Police just arrived and are serving warrants for my arrest as we speak.)

No, this is Official Crabbing, folks. Although I've been out clamming before--from Hampton, circa 1981/82 on the Little Lisa.--this commercial crabbing thing will be a whole new experience which hopefully will not involve turning green, since a wee bit of wind is called for. But we're not focusing on that. We're just going to do the best we can. (We=me.)

2. Speaking of doing the best I can, Saturday is The Big 10K. My only goal is to finish without walking. Or falling. Or experiencing a major cardiovascular event.

Or crying.

3. The Mathews High School track team is in dire need of resources, both human and financial.

I'm trying to get up there once a week to provide a little guidance with the high jump and hurdles. However, they could also use help with some of the field events including discus, shot, long jump/triple jump, etc.

Approximately 65 kids and over 15 different events from sprinting to distance running means that one coach and one assistant are not nearly enough. In addition the school will not fund the expenses (room and board) for those who make it to the state championship; the coach must raise that money himself. They need a long jump pit. There weren't enough uniforms for everyone. They need so much.

They're running on the very same track my mother helped raise money for 30 years ago. Since we lack adequate facilities, all the meets are away.

If you have time or funds to donate, please contact me or the high school. There is so much talent and it pains me to see them struggling because of the dearth of resources.

I'm buying 7 (my lucky number) Power Ball tickets for this 400 kajillion dollar lottery this Friday. If I win, Mathews will never, ever have to worry about track being a Stepchild Sport again. We'll have Olympic quality training and facilities.

It's nice to daydream. But I assure you that's what I'd do with a very large portion of my money if I had it to spare.

Now it's your turn to share three things. Whatever is on your mind. Anything at all. No matter how lofty or potentially unrealistic.


Meg McCormick said...

Wow, a 10K? I bet you won't even break a sweat! Good luck - you'll kick its ass.

I'm sorry to hear about the lack of resources to support sports in your county. Sometimes it's hard being from a small rural school district; I remember similar struggles when I was a kid. We, too, had all away track meets. I hope your publicity shakes the trees for helpers and some needed funds!

And I hope you win the powerball too... if I can find a place where there isn't a crazy line, I'll buy into the madness, I mean the dream, and will be sure MHS gets a big ole'donation.

Annie said...

All the best for the big race cbw...have fun!

sick grand baby..going to visit and help out tomorrow..

we are all saddened by the loss of a 14 year old competitor at the Surf Life Saving championships at the Gold Coast.

deborah said...

Love the daffodil photos-
Have fun crabbing! I feel sick just thinking about it - can't wait to hear all about your adventure.

Good luck in the 10K. Just go and have fun! I'm seriously considering doing the 'from couch to 5K' thing soon. You are my inspiration!

So hard to hear that the team is lacking funds. If I win the powerball, I will be sure to send a donation! There is always a problem with how the funds are distributed to sports programs which isn't fair. With exercise getting so much publicity, it seems like there would be a grant that you could apply for? Just a thought-

Jamie said...

Crabbing! I have not gone out to get the crab pots in many many years. I miss it. Really. I envy you.

I have been really happy this past week. My coworker says I'm skipping around farting rainbows.

I've lost about 10 pounds in about 2.5 weeks. While this makes me happy, this isn't what's making me fart rainbows.

I volunteered to do the concession stand at the soccer games to help raise some money for the team. They haven't had new uniforms in years and need new equipment.

Good luck on the 10K!

Daryl said...

I am so proud of you for even attempting to crab .. oh wait, I meant run .. well both ... you are my hero .. so if you win, will you adopt me?

growing wild on waverly lane said...

1. The sports: It's deja vu all over again. There's never money for anything but football and basketball (boys). I swear nothing ever changes, it just gets redecorated.

2. Going crabbing, rural girl? Bring back pictures.

3. It's going to rain for the 10K and I'm walking, so color me sopping wet and thank goodness I have my pneumonia shot.

Mental P Mama said...

It's up to half a billion $$ now! I'll share it.

Maria_NJ said...

Middle son and I tried to go out crabbing yesterday morning...nothing! and my professional crabber guy at work said that there are crabs...I tell ya we were disappointed, we really wanted some...

good luck with the race on Saturday!

and to everyone, may the Irish Luck smile down on you...I promise I'll share...

Dghawk said...

Two more days to the BIG day, and today you are crabbing?? Do you get to pull up the crabpots? I tried it once with a friend. Very, very, very hard work. I was done after the second pot. My hat is off to the watermen.

If I win the Lotto Friday, the school will have whatever it needs.

Good luck Saturday!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Deborah - DO IT!! The 5K training thing. Seriously. All you have to do is start with walking. Just walk. Then jog a few steps, but only when you feel like it. You are in control. No pressure. Then jog some more when you feel better about doing so. There's no time line, no requirement from someone else. You are the one who sets the pace and decides what to do.

But no matter what, if you're just walking you have won.

It all builds from there. And it's wonderful.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

DGH-I didn't pull up any pots only because the system was too refined and I didn't want to mess up their rhythm/routine.


Thank you all!

Kay L. Davies said...

Looking forward to reading about the results of the big race, as well as the official crabbing expotition.