Friday, July 20, 2012

Public Landing

I made time yesterday for a drive down to Bethel Beach and on the way stopped to make sure my favorite public landing was doing OK.  

It was.

Today I will be visiting Tangier Island for the first time.  
As long as the camera cooperates, I'll have photos and stories to share next week.

Have a fantastic weekend.



Anonymous said...

While on Tangier Is., I hope you get to visit the "Four Brothers Crab Shack and Ice Cream Deck"--I am so intrigued to find out about that place. Who are those brothers, and is it necessary to be on their Deck to enjoy ice cream ?
p.s.-- if your dad goes along, make sure he leaves his little tractors behind.

Anonymous said...

Now that I checked the 4 Bros. website, I realized that the island has a plethora of golf cart rentals, so if your dad goes along, he will have his choice of vehicles there, with which to perform hair-raising stunts at water's edge.

Anonymous said...

I used to live 1/4 mile from where you board the boat to go to Tangier. My son and I would always walk to the end of our road to watch the Chesapeake Breeze come in. It is such a unique place and there will be lots of photo ops for you. Enjoy your trip and be is always really HOT over there!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Dad is going to try to talk the ferry boat captain into doing one of those tight little pivot turns? Have fun on the island. I've always wanted to go over there, too. Looking forward to your photos.


Jamie said...

The last time I went to Tangier Island I was 7 months pregnant with Midge (who is now nearly 18- which means actually it was exactly 18 years ago this month if you care) and it was the hottest day on record and my feet swelled 3 times their size in my red Chuck Taylor's. It's definitely an interesting place and one I want to go back to again. Hope you have a fab time!

Anonymous said...

Did you do the music / pot luck dinner thing? One of the nurses that works with me was going on that today. Supposedly there is another one planned for August. Hope you had a good time!