Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scenes from Tangier III

Today we take a look at Tangier's version of my dream home:  an over-the-water hut known as a crab shanty.

(I call them crab shacks, but don't listen to me.)

They're also Tangier Island's version of the man cave.

Man Caves.  They're not just for men anymore,
at least not on Tangier.
(Click on the image.)

Actually, this is the one I want, complete with covered front porch and festive decor.

This is where the watermen come to escape from the tourists 
monitor the crab shedding process.

They remind me of the over-the-water huts I pine for 
in my never-to-be-taken trip to Bora Bora.

(Approximately 4/4 of those hyphens are probably unnecessary.)

Click here for a Washington Post article about these lovely structures.


Things are hectic (as usual), so I can't respond to comments each evening, but I really appreciate hearing from you and thank you for taking the time to stop by.


Anonymous said...

I loved that Washington Post article, and as always, I love your photos.Maybe someday you could find out what sort of fish/shellfish are caught in Bora Bora, and get a gov't. grant to study Bora Bora's fishing industry--(for the sake of the Chesapeake watermen, of course!)

Waterman JP said...

Love the pictures. Any and everything is possible including a trip to Bora-Bora,go with the flow of the tide. The Washington post article was very informative.

Daryl said...

See ... Waterman JP agrees: anything is possible .. those are great pix, and a little fixer-upper of a crab shack wherein one could wear a crab hat .. wouldnt that be great?

Jamie said...

Sort of like a shanty boat but on a dock. So a shanty dock? Or shanty shack? Or crab shanty? Whatever. I think the one needs some of those little lights shaped like flamingos. Headed your way Saturday morning for the week, hope we manage to catch each other.

Anonymous said...

Since seeing that shack with the festive lights, the song "Love Shack" by the B52s is now running through my mind. Yes! You need to buy one of these and hold parties there. And invite us!


deborah said...

Waterman JP has sound advice- you will make it to Bora Bora one day!
Love the definitely need one of these little shacks, even if just for a quick weekend getaway.
Enjoyed the Washington Post article, too.
Hope you aren't working too hard!

Liz Sweet said...

CBW, I've been hooked since the Blog Cabin in Matthews. Love, love your blog. I also love to read everyone's comments. Keep up the pics and your funny tales.

Dghawk said...

Whether it be a crab shanty, crab shack,or whatever you want to call them, I WANT ONE!!!!! I can see myself sitting on the porch with a cold one, or a glass of wine with my line in the water waiting for my dinner to take my bait, and if nothing bites, then I'll just pull up the crabpot!

Great pictures!

Tinnie Hinnie said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I am a native California boy and have enjoyed this beautiful state for some time now. Although school teaches history it never set in until I was able to live around it. This place looks awesome for me and my 5 year old to visit. Waterman JP showed me the site today at work and talking about the area has truly convinced me that we must go. The pictures are truly breath taking and I thank you for sharing them. Look forward to some more good ideas to visit.