Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Transportation on Tangier

As I mentioned last week, only the mailman and a few other designated folks own cars on Tangier Island.  Everyone else gets around by foot, boat, golf cart or bicycle.

Bicycles are everywhere.

In every possible color.

You don't see bikes chained down to anything.  They're just left at the point the rider needed to get off.  What would be the point of locking bicycles?  Who's going to steal them and where would they go?  Overboard?

The bike above sports the inclement weather attachment, also known as a plastic bag.

By the way, the folks on Tangier are exceedingly patriotic.  House after house has a flag or something red, white and blue in the yard.  The yards are almost always surrounded by a picket, chain-link or other sort of fence. If good fences make good neighbors, it's a community love fest on Tangier.

This was my favorite bike of all.  

Click here for another informative article about Tangier.


Anonymous said...

You gotta love a place where people don't have to chain their bicycles. Betsy

Daryl said...

what a gem of a post .. I do believe you could do a book on Tangier Island with nothing but the pix you took on your recent visit ...

Dghawk said...

As Freddie Mercury sang:

"Bicycle! Bicycle!
I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike...."

Just wish I could remember the rest of it!

Country Girl said...

What Daryl said. Really.

deborah said...

ditto what Daryl said:)

Waterman JP said...

I think i may go for a bike ride. Hell,i don't even know if i can even ride a bicycle anymore.

I am a bit clumsy these days,after all i did fall thirty feet from a tree stand (you call them tree houses,so cute)not so long ago.

Keep the pictures coming