Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Scenes from Tangier II

Here are more Tangier shots taken from the docks at loading time.

Is it loading time or unloading time?  I guess that depends on who is doin' the talking.
(And the loading.)

From my perspective they were loading the crabs onto the dock.

From their perspective they were unloading the crabs from the boat.

Of course this is all just nonsense talk none of this really matters 
because then there was this.


I wish I'd gotten a better close-up shot. It's hard to tell here, but if you squint click the image you can see that he has on quite the get-up.

At first I thought they were boots, but it's shorts over a pair of ...pajamas?

I can't tell. Anyway, it was definitely unique. I give him a gold star for daring to be a little different in an environment that clings to tradition and status quo. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Unloading. Or loading. Or is there another term? Anyone?

The Tangier Island Museum is a must-see for any visitor to the island. Along with historical exhibits and lots of interesting tidbits (such as the fact that an elephant once visited the island and there used to be an opera house!), a brief film describes the history and plight of the watermen.

Much like here in Mathews, the younger generation on Tangier are less and less inclined to pursue the water as a way of life, for various reasons.

It's as if the industry is washing away into the bay as quickly as the shorelines of this tiny island are.

Click here for an excellent article about Tangier and the watermen.

There are at least three or four more days of Tangier photos to come.

Stay tuned.


deborah said...

Amazing photos!
A sad story of both the island and the watermen...who will be left to do the crabbing as the next generation comes of age?
I would love to visit the island one day, it is so quaint and charming, and I'm enjoying seeing it through your eyes.
Oh, I thought the guy had on a pair of the 'chic' boots so popular last spring - but he's styling some fancy pjs haha!

Anonymous said...

Four days of Tangier photos ahead. Life is good!


Mental P Mama said...

From what I can tell, that pajama boy is kinda cute.

Anonymous said...

You probably have, but if you haven't, read An Island Out Of Time by Tom Horton. It's about the couple of years that he and the wife and kids lived on Smith Island. Highly Entertaining.

Dghawk said...

Hmmm...At first I thought our waterman had on "gators". They are used when you cross country ski. They keep your pantlegs dry as you plow through the snow. But upon seeing the picture on my laptop (instead of my phone) I believe you are right. They are pj's. Never seen a waterman without the obligatoy white boots. Maybe he had a rough night the night before and was going to be late.

More pictures, please!

Daryl said...

If only he didnt smoke ..