Sunday, July 1, 2012


I sat on this dock Friday night. It was wonderful.

Once upon a weekend, Chesapeake Bay Woman found herself sittin' on a dock near the bay talking to a new blog friend about how it might have been hot but not really because there was a breeze blowing.

And all.

Even though temperatures hovered closer to 100 than any other number except 500, nobody complained much because it was Friday night and it was Friday night.

The End.

Upon arriving home  and gasping for breath due to the dense humidity, I took a moment to respect the intensity of the heat but otherwise retreated to the cool and comfort of my wonderful, air-conditioned home.

Around midnight, over the din of my fully functioning ceiling fan and air conditioning unit, I noticed the lights flicker for a second.

Or two.



I stepped outside and was introduced to the violent storm, already in progress. After taking note that the storm was hurricane worthy as far as sustained winds were concerned, I went back inside, crawled under the Friday night covers (which usually promise no early morning interruptions) and quickly fell asleep.

Since the next day was Saturday, and there was no good reason to get up at all at any particular time, I slept until the sounds of the swirling ceiling fan finally plucked my last nerve before trotting to the kitchen to make myself a pot of coffee.

I enjoyed that coffee as if it were the only pot I'd ever tasted.

The only thing on the schedule that particular day was meeting  Jamie over at the Deltaville ballpark.  I asked Waterman JP if he'd like to come along, and he obliged.

Mind you, all afternoon I'd not left my yard. I didn't go to the Court House for any reason. I did not turn on the TV or the radio. E-mail was checked a few times and Facebook was scanned maybe once, but otherwise CBW was absolutely clueless as to what was going on in The Rest of Mathews the World.

Later that day, Waterman JP knocked at the door to announce his arrival, and CBW hollered for him to come in.  When he marched into the kitchen shirtless (but otherwise in shorts and shoes)  and commenced to declaring this the hottest day that ever was, CBW sensed something might be awry outside of the cool little cocoon (complete with swirling ceiling fan) she was dwelling in.

"Did you not have power today?" she asked, not realizing the new level of duh-ness she'd just reached.

Waterman JP was very restrained in his response.

All he said, as he mopped the sweat off his highly distressed brow coming into contact with the first bit of air conditioning he'd felt in 24 hours was, "No."

Bridge Over the River Piankatank

The drive from Mathews to Deltaville mercifully included A/C, for those who had been suffering for days forever without power.

It's a very scenic drive

At the ballpark we met Jamie and Daughter and sat down to slow roast enjoy an evening of baseball.

Although we were cheering for Deltaville, they lost.  

The only time they came ahead was when we retreated to the parking lot for refreshments.

(The Universe was trying to send us a message, I'm convinced.)

Not sure where else you'll find folding chairs set up in the spectator section.
Also not sure where else a spectator could sit that could possibly be any hotter.
Well, one place does come to mind.

Crab pot wire protects fly balls from hitting unsuspecting spectators
whose responses and reflexes are already stunted due to 100+ degree temperatures.

Jamie is in the blue shirt.  Waterman JP is to her left.
She's listening to her daughter's dissection of the game and why the right fielder should have been replaced instead the pitcher. Waterman JP is just wondering when this is all gonna be over and done with because he hasn't had current (aka electricity) for goin'-on two days, and he'd just like to know when the oven setting will be changed from Roast to Off.

Queens Creek

After another thunderstorm Saturday night, the county is slowly returning to a "We've got current" status.

I'm grateful that I never lost it and am more grateful to have spent these past few days with friends, new and old.

What happened in your world these past few days?


Kay L. Davies said...

Just dreadful what happened in the northeastern US of A.
I'll never complain about our weather again, or at least I won't until I get home.
I'm on the west coast visiting my family, but am here because a friend died and the memorial service is this coming week.
A mixed blessing, this trip to BC.

Country Girl said...

You are so lucky to have kept your power. Ours only was out for about 6 hours on Friday night but there was a little bit of a breeze, so I was able to fall asleep. Since then, I've been to Baltimore and NJ, and luckily had power all the way. Power and cool air-conditioned homes. A God-send.

Jamie said...

The highlight of my weekend was the ball game with you, more specifically hanging in the parking lot with refreshments. Also swimming in the pool as that was the only "shower" I had all weekend. I heard We got power back around 7ish last night. I was home by then because Midge woke up at 8am packed all our stuff loaded the van and said "Let's go!".

Mental P Mama said...

I got all sweaty just reading this. Wondering how middle Tennessee is gonna feel in August...come visit!

Dghawk said...

I'm so glad you were spared losing your power. Mine went out about 11:30p Friday night. Then the storm that came through around 4 on Sat morning woke me up and I still didn't have power. I thought "Oh boy, here we go again." Finally got up about 5 and wandered around in a fog. No coffee, no shower. It finally came back on around 11 so that wasn't too bad. At least I had the pool water to "freshen up" with.

Poor Waterman JP looks like he is about to melt.

Daryl said...

Thankfully the outages didnt hit NYC proper tho LongIsland and the other burbs did sadly lose power .... and on Saturday when I tried to post photos to Instagram and got a 'failed' response over and over - no, it didnt stop me from hitting resend again again again again .. til I Googled and learned that Instagram AND Netflix both have servers in VA and both were down .. how odd ... servers in VA, I wonder if VA is to servers as DE is to corporate .. whats the word .. oh yeah .. incorporation!

Waterman JP said...

Thanks for a wonderful weekend and it was a pleasure meeting Jaime and her daughter. It was a good time had by all. And,oh how about the topics of conversation while we were in the parking lot. They were hilarious and very entertaining,to say the least.

deborah said...

I feel the Waterman's was 105 here and no power. That was some kind of storm, with 80 mph winds! After trying to tough out the heat for a while, we were lucky enough to spend the time with family who had both power and a/c. Sheesh, it was so hot, we sat on the front porch all night the first night.
We now are fortunate enough to have power, internet/cable and an empty fridge.
So nice that you were able to visit with Jamie and so amazing that Waterman withstood even more heat during the ballgame!
The temp has now dipped down into the mid 90's...
Take care in the heat this week!

cats said...

OMG, I had a weekend from hell. Lights went out at midnight Fri. night, didn't return until 5 pm Sun. No sleep for about 36 hours. sat. around 3ish, we went to Get and Zip, where we found life and food. We went to Deltaville and spent the night with ac and pool. NICE! Only to get up Sunday to find out I was supposed to be at work even though we did't have power at work. Keep in mind, I've never missed a day from work in 5 years. I always cover other peoples shifts and am one of the best workers they have. When I called Sun. they were like where have you been? You know you were supposed to be here. I had called repeatedly, got no answer at various times on Sat. My boss said you must talk to big boss, You know everyone has a boss higher than them. I said "no problem" put him on the phone. I told him my dilemma and he was very understanding. Had to rush home from Deltaville and go to work,still no lights or ac at home. My family was all to pieces. So finally, I got to work. I stormed in and immediately asked my boss Why did you make me talk to big boss? Are you mad at me? She cowered back and said no, He wanted to talk to everyone that called. I told her how I felt and I didn't care if I got fired. I was justified and did not deserve to be treated that way. So this week , what do I hear? She is getting in trouble for missing time. Karma? What do you think. Moral of story, When you are mean to nice people, bad things happen to you. WORD!