Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Visit From St. Nicholas

Mathews Court House, aka Downtown Mathews

Twas the night before Wednesday and all through the town, not a thing appeared different, businesses still looked shut down.

Country Casuals, a clothing store, has been there since I was a kid.

...When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature sign and seven tiny words so dear.

...With a lot of bold color and signage so slick, I knew in a moment that only St. Nick

could bring Mexican to Mathews.

There's a Mexican restaurant in Mathews!

Christmas has arrived early this year.

Downtown Mathews has a Mexican restaurant.

What's next?

Do I hear locusts zombies approaching?

Although many people wouldn't bat an eye at the opening of a new Mexican restaurant in their town, for  Mathews residents required to drive a minimum of 15-20 miles for carne asada or tacos al pastor or margaritas fajitas de camarones, this is indeed good news.

Mi Casa Azteca is in the building that I will always call Fleets, since a restaurant by that name flourished there for many, many years.

The Chesapeake Bay Family intends to try this only best Mexican restaurant soon, this week if possible.

And CBW maintains her ardent yet futile hope that one day there might even be a Thai or Vietnamese restaurant within the county lines.  

She may be delusional, but who could have imagined a Mexican restaurant in town?  

(CBW put your hand down.)

And I heard myself exclaim ere I drove out of sight,

Happy dining to all and to all a savory bite.


Kay L. Davies said...

Did you say fajitas de camarones? Muy bueno! Or even buenissimo, if there is such a word. Can't check with my Mexican brother because he's in Hawaii having a low-tech surfin' holiday with wife and children.
So, beautiful downtown Mathews has become wonderful uptown Mathews, has it? Save me some guacamole.

Anonymous said...

CBW, that sign is the greatest--claiming to be the" best Mexican restaurant in this town"--when it is the ONLY one in town has so many residents who hail from Michoacan, and we have such numerous restaurants, that most of the cooks in our local Chinese, Thai and Japanese restaurants are from Mexico!
So, you never know...perhaps someday one of the chefs at Casa Azteca could be lured away to learn the art of spring rolls.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

And before the paint dries on that sign, they'll be closing. That is the pattern in these parts. Natives don't want anyone to succeed but natives, which these folks aren't probably. If it doesn't carry the first name of a Mathews native, the locals will starve it to to speak.

Jamie said...

You'll have to let me know how it is. We're always looking for places to eat when we're down there.

Anonymous said...

More to come my friend!!

Daryl said...

'the best mexican restaurant in town' .. now thats a heady claim ..

big hair envy said...


Dghawk said...

Cool! Have a Margarita for me!

Annie said...

Wow, you have waited a long time for that cbw. I do hope it lives up to your expectations!! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Almost 40 years ago, when we lived in Alexandria there were no Mexican restaurants in the vicinity at all , with the exception of a "Taco Bueno" in Woodbridge. Needless to say, their "hot sauce" could have been served as a beverage.....not hot at all. As a Southern California native I was completely taken aback when I discovered tortillas in a can!!!! in the Commisary (we were an Army family) I was so astonished, that I bought them and took them back to California for everyone to have a good laugh

Mental P Mama said...

I want a full report!

Meg McCormick said...

Oooh, let us know how it is!