Friday, March 1, 2013

Queens Creek

Looking towards the mouth of Queens Creek.  Islander and Gwynns Island in the distance.

I took these the other evening from my back yard as the sun was going down.

The reflections, particularly of the clouds in the water, were spectacular.

The colors, mainly pink and purple, were interesting and a little unusual.

There's no place like home.

Have a great weekend.


thomas said...

Beautiful view , you are lucky.

Sooska said...

You caught the "Golden Hour" quite beautifully.

Middle Sis said...

Gorgeous.....most beautiful place on earth!

Ok, it's 5:15 and my work computer just shut down, with some stupid message across it....somethng like, "windows has encountered some type of emergency and must close" and then it made snap-crackle-pop noises, which I know from previous experience is just the speakers turning off. Must be a sign from God that I should stop working..TGIF!

Anonymous said...

You must be right near the marina! I keep my tired old 1968 Pearson sailboat there - all the way out on the far eastern end of the dock.

I love Queens Creek - it's a very peaceful and lovely place.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Bill - Indeed I am not far from that marina. The house on that property belonged to the Hudgins family. Janice Hudgins was my kindergarten teacher and piano teacher. I've spent many a Saturday walking down that long driveway.

Dghawk said...

Wish my backyard looked like that, instead of a bank of pine trees.

Happy March!

Anonymous said...

Very peaceful ! Have A great weekend my friend !

Mental P Mama said...

Heaven on earth right there.