Monday, March 11, 2013


Going on the offensive to stave off the standard fare of Sunday blues, my friend BHE and I met at Merroir over in Topping for lunch yesterday.

Ordinarily Sunday is the day I can't enjoy because I waste it worrying about and dreading Monday, which of course everyone knows is the worst day of the week.

No, today we made a grand plan to forget all about the day before Monday and focus more on the moment, which happened to include stunning blue skies overflowing with red wine sunshine.

Since it was still a tad brisk to sit outside, we spent the afternoon on the warm, sun-filled porch talking, eating, boosting our Vitamin D stores, and laughing.

There was lots and lots of laughing.

(Is there anything better than laughing?)

After lunch we lingered so long, clearly not in any hurry to go anywhere, that one of the employees asked, "Don't you have a home to go to?"

To which we responded in chorus, "Yes, but we don't want to go home!"

Sitting on a warm porch overlooking the water, eating good food, and laughing was far better than sitting alone at home in dread of the next day.

In spite of the clocks falling forward and the fact that Monday would make her appearance no matter how much we tried to deny it, Sunday was not so bad this week.

Thanks, BHE!

Also, thanks Miss Sun.  I've really missed you the past several months.


Daryl said...

fun stuff .. always nice to spend a day with a good friend, wine, sun ...

big hair envy said...

What a glorious Sunday afternoon it was!!! Thank YOU for suggesting it!! Although, I must confess, I had to take a little nap when I got home;)

Anonymous said...

Spring is back. Finally! Love the photos, as always.Betsy

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

This weekend's weather was very much welcome (and needed, I might add.) Glad you and BHE had a nice time. Laughing is the best of everything.

thomas said...

Looks like a nice place, boats are always good.

Unknown said...

Wow, must have made for one heck of a day.

Check out my awesome travel blog soon :)