Tuesday, March 19, 2013


OK, so clearly I'm getting a little carried away with this newfound ability to post larger pictures.

I promise to get things under control soon.

These were taken from the docks at Merroir a week or so ago.

I'm guessing the owner of this boat is a character.  A very clever character.


Jamie said...

Would love to meet the Captain. Bet he wears a Captain's hat, navy peacoat and smokes a pipe. Or wears yellow nor'easter rain slicks and guinea boots

Kay L. Davies said...

Either a character, or someone who always hits the dock when he's coming in.
Love the larger photos, CBW. Go ahead, play with them, enjoy them. I do.

Dghawk said...

Hmmmm. I've seen tires used as bumpers before, but they were on tugboats. I bet the captain wears an Aloha shirt with khaki shorts and Sperry Topsiders. Oh yeah and a gold chain around his neck. Or it could be an old Margaritaville tee shirt with cut-offs and Guines boots.