Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The sign in the first photo is leaning against the bottom of this little building.

I think I could fill a second blog with nothing but pictures of boats on dry land.
(Without trailers.)

These are a few more shots from Saturday's pit stop at the house that was for sale.  Saturday was sunny as opposed to Sunday's snow which is now Monday's rain.

My daughter's soccer season began over a month ago, and thanks to Mother Nature she's only had two games thus far.

The daffodils are sagging, slunched over in the field.

Yes, that's right, slunched.  Slunched is what happens when your brain merges hunched over with slumped. Slunched. Go ahead and use it freely today, and tell 'em CBW said it was OK.

Thanks to all of March's rain and cold weather, I've not been running to prepare for April's half-marathon. I'll probably end up slunched over having to walk it, which will make me angry. I don't care about the speed, my only goal is to avoid slunching walking.  My only consolation is Baby Sis, who is doing this with me, says she's done next to nothing to prepare either.

Dear April,

Please leave the cold and rain behind with March so I can emerge from the winter funk that causes my brain to create and use words such as slunch. I really need some sunshine, Vitamin D, fresh air and exercise.




Country Girl said...

I think we're all craving that. At least, I am. That old building is pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I'm slunching, too. Maybe we need to hold a slunching marathon, sounds like there would be lots of participants. Betsy

Ann Marie said...

Dude.. if *I* can run a half marathon and PR with no training.. I know YOU CAN. just do it! xoxoxoxo miss you much.

Jamie said...

I'm dying for some warmer temps and some sunshine. It's been stressful here with tons of illnesses. I will need a bottle of wine and a straw when I arrive down there in April

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

AM, I hope you're right. I have visions of Baby Sis and MPM having to haul me 13.1 miles on a stretcher because I've blown out a knee or experienced a cardiac event.

So far nothing I've heard talks about anything above 50-ish degree weather for the remainder of the week. That's better than 30-ish, but still.

I have grass to cut, miles to jog and plants to plant...and I can't function in sub-60-ish weather.

Mental P Mama said...

I think we'll just slunch through the race. Then we can have some wine. m'k?

Anonymous said...

Before my visits to this fabulous blog, I was reading the DIY network Blog Cabin posts about Mathews in 2011. One local gentlemen wrote about the abundance of gorgeous old homesteads deteriorating in the county...I wished that the network could just stay in Mathews and rehabilitate one old home each year. This place would have been at the top of my favorites list.

Daryl said...

oh my .. at first i thought it was the yard that was for sale ... ;)