Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Parade Part II

Here we have more pictures-- a few of which are rain-splotched--from Saturday's Christmas parade.

The Mathews Maritime Foundation  always does a nice job.

You don't see these every day, now do you?  I think I want one.  Whatever it is.

Here we have my friend Catherine's son, Brian Owens, and and my friend Kathy's daughter, Olivia Gwyn, representing the sophomore class in the Homecoming Court.  Since the Homecoming parade was rained out, they were incorporated into this parade, very nicely may I add.

This might be my favorite photo from Saturday.

Also representing the sophomore class...

Jason Moughon and our neighbor Sabrina Barrack

Madison Owens plays basketball with Daughter. She's a fierce rebounder.

Homecoming Queen Jacqueline Stewart

And, of course, Santa's sleigh is pulled not by a reindeer but by a John Deere.

Only in Mathews.


On Thursday I'll post pictures from Saturday evening's Holly Ball-related festivities. Wednesday will be a day off from blogging since tonight after work I travel to Rappahannock High School located in the western part of Oklahoma Richmond County for more basketball. We're overdue for a win, but I am still hopeful. All I want for Christmas is for the basketball team to win!


Daryl said...

what a wonderful series of shot ...

Dghawk said...

Sorry it rained on your parade. Don't groan too loud. Great photos! Thanks. Brings back memories of when I watched the parade. New Kent's was canceled due to the weather.

Meg McCormick said...

OK, those sophs are awfully cute but THAT GTO!!!! Va va voooom! #borninthesixties

Anonymous said...

I want that ancient Oldsmobile too, as long as it comes with a Shriner...(Shriners?In Mathews?)
Ag Santa must be pulled by tractors, but unfortunate that he didn't toss seed packets to the crowd.
Hope the game went well tonight.

Anonymous said...

I love that you posted a pic of Jason and Sabrina in Jan Higdons one owner 69 GTO convertable