Monday, December 23, 2013

Stingray Point Marina

A few weeks ago I took these shots from Stingray Point Marina in Deltaville.

It's a busy week in the Chesapeake Bay Family household.

If I don't have the opportunity to post again, Merry Christmas.


Kay L. Davies said...

What a beautiful building. I love it. And Deltaville, that's where Jamie's from, right?
Please wish your family a very happy holiday season, and a very Merry Christmas from me, and have them all hug you from me.
That should work.
Luv, K

Jamie said...

I went to go take photos there this summer while riding around town on my bike and rode right into a wedding reception or some such thing. Merry Christmas!

Daryl said...

can't wait to see you .. counting sleeps now

Dghawk4 said...

Just wanted to wish you and your wonderfully whacky family a very Merry Christmas full of love and laughter.