Monday, December 9, 2013


This weather-worn jetty lives just off Gwynns Island.

I took these back in August and am showing them now 
because Saturday was spent in Newport News (aka "town") 
procuring a Holly Ball dress for Daughter.

Sunday all we saw was rain, rain, rain and then rain.  

Plus a little more rain.  Sprinkled generously with rain.

All of the above equates to no opportunity to take pictures.

Which is OK.

 I needed to see these shots which include some basic 
ingredients to happiness: water and sunshine.

Happy Monday.


Jamie said...

Thanks, these photos lowered my blood pressure. While you had rain, we had snow and sleet and freezing rain and more sleet... and my van got totaled. Granted, I didn't like my van and now I can get something else, but it's still a hassle. Also the Brat Child has been telling the baby how he can make a lot of money at BlogFest.

Daryl said...

did you find the perfect dress? i hope so