Wednesday, August 6, 2014


After being away from home all last week, we returned to a lush, green back yard.

That patch of high foliage there near the creek in the shot above makes for some nice pictures up close.

Our front yard is full of life too.

Below, the crape myrtle does her thing.

(Is it crepe or crape?  I can never remember. I thought it was crape but can't find a definitive answer.)

The soybeans that are now growing in our former daffodil field are really beautiful.

I do confess.

Green, green, green.

What's happening outside where you are?


Jamie said...

The traditional southern spelling is crepe but the accepted spelling everywhere else is crape. I can't wait to get back down there in a few weeks, I could use some green.

Meg McCormick said...

Very green here too, unusually so for August. We have done a good job of fighting back this invasive broad-leaf weed that grows over 5' tall. Our neigbors, however, have not. So, while it's green over there, it's this crazy jungle of weeds that they've partially cut back but never finished. Alas, we continue to suffer the after-effects of the wildfire that ripped through our back yards 3 years ago.

I wish I could see WATER out my back door. I mean front door. Any door, really.

Annie said...

Yes, I'm going with crepe...never heard of the other variation, but then I live on the other side of the world! ;-)

Your vacation looked pretty good. It is always lovely to catch up with family.

Nothing much happening outside here, some traffic going by on their way home from work, it is night time. But during the day it looks pretty dry, we are in need of rain, so I am envious of your lovely green fields!

Daryl said...

we're having unseasonably cool weather for august in nyc ... no complaints will be heard here