Friday, August 29, 2014

Long Weekend

This Labor Day weekend, weather permitting, I intend to enjoy this creek.

Boats at Cow Point

I also intend to enjoy this deck.

This grill will see some action on Sunday.

Some friends are coming over for a cookout.

It's been a tough week, and I've only just now come to a point where I'm not weepy at least once or twice a day due to Son's departure for college.

Below is a picture of him on that dreadful day the day he left.

We do miss him, but we're adjusting.  He's doing well and is very happy.

I am really looking forward to a few days off from everything.


I hope your weekend is restful and enjoyable.

Have a great one.


Anonymous said...

Just adorable family...four great blessings in that one photo. Weekend cookout sounds maravilloso...
Abrazos, Mamacita.

Anonymous said...

Have a great 3-day weekend. When you can sit on a deck overlooking Queen's Creek it's like you're going to a fancy resort for the weekend. Enjoy. Betsy

Dghawk said...

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Keep busy doing fun things and above all try not to think too much.

Daryl said...

love that everyone wore blue .. and i am happy to hear you have the floodgates somewhat under control ... enjoy the weekend xo