Monday, August 11, 2014


This heron was fishing for his dinner on Queens Creek Saturday night.

He strolled up and down the shoreline very methodically, very patiently.

This particular patch of shoreline is pretty popular with the local wildlife; 
evidently it's a good hunting spot.

Several evenings I've watched a raccoon wading here at low tide.

Aside from stalking this heron, I didn't do much this weekend.

I"m still struggling to acclimate myself to No Longer On Vacation mode.

And bracing for Son's departure for college in less than two weeks.

Speaking of Son, his 19th birthday is Wednesday.  When he was a baby and I was struggling with my new role of mother, I very distinctly remember going for a walk and seeing a neighborhood teenager.  Back then, every day felt like a year; I wasn't accustomed to being around babies and had no idea really what I was doing.  When I saw that teen, I remember thinking how long it was going to take for my baby to become one.

It didn't really take that long after all.



Anonymous said...

Yup. Every day felt like a year. I went through the same thing with my first child, and then the second child....AND, even though I knew better, on the 11-hour days I took care of my infant grandchildren, that strange time suspension came back. (By then I was older and had noticeable trouble getting up off the floor. Being on the floor sometimes was necessary with two tiny people 13 mos. apart. Oh,the non-stop bottles and diapers!)
So what is it that creates that collapsing, time-tunnel/light year travel that makes us wake up suddenly to find our offspring all grown up? The illusion of a huge expanse of time folds in on itself, and we think of so many things we had planned to do, with or for, our kids--but they grew up before we could get around to them? Sneaks up on us, it does.
Whatever concerns that occupy us, life goes on nearby, like a heron stalking your creek or soybeans greening the field. I am glad you did very little except photograph them over the weekend. Worth every minute of that fleeting time.

Country Girl said...

When I was pregnant with my first child, my MIL gave me some advice and I'll never forget where we were when she said it (Hatteras Island, NC), what I was wearing, how I felt . . . she told me that I would be amazed at how quickly my baby will grow up. She said it would be like "the blink of an eye". That it wouldn't seem like this when it was happening, and time would seem to stand still. But whatever I did, I should slow down and appreciate my child. To play, to savor their youth.
I took her advice. Time did feel slowed down (especially with the lack of sleep). They were little for such a short time, really.
And life progresses, goes on, and Sam (and you) are going to be just so fine. xoxo

Daryl said...

you've raised a fine young man and its going to be ok!!!!