Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Millers Cove

Sunday evening, in complete denial that this is the last week before my son departs for college, I went for a kayak ride in our cove to soothe my soul and quiet my mind.

This particular arm (is it called an arm?  regardless, that's what I'm calling it) of the cove is right near Clifton, which has a very rich history that includes shipbuilding, a women's finishing school and all sorts of possibilities for movie plots. The property on which my parents and I now live was once part of Clifton.

Although I was searching for herons or other creatures along the shoreline, I happened upon a piece of wood.

This piece of wood, part of a fallen tree, looked like a cross between 

a dinosaur
an alligator 

and a heron.

A heron gazing skyward, kicking one stump of an abbreviated leg upwards in some sort of high five to the heavens.

If I've not mentioned it lately, I'm very easily amused.  This is how I spent my entire life childhood.  Gazing at nature and making up stories, no matter how irrational.

Thank you for tolerating indulging my imagination.


In Complete Denial That My Son Is Leaving Home


Meg McCormick said...

I think you're going to be OK, Mama. Even though you must, like me, have vivid memories of the day you yourself left home. What was it - 8 or 10 years ago now? That's how long it feels to me. I remember the excitement, the anticipation, the trepidation, but mostly I was just charged up and ready for the next phase of my life. And your son is ready, too, and he will be FINE because he has grown into a competent young man! Well done, Mama. :-)

Anonymous said...

I sympathize ! My firstborn was visiting for a few days and I just said goodbye to him 15 min. ago as he headed for the airport. Moving away has meant a great job for him and great schools for the kids--plus an hour drive to Mt. Rainier.
As they leave the nest we realize, at the same time, that the world is waiting for our kids and they have to answer the call.
Very wise move to turn to water as a great soothing distraction.

Daryl said...

he's not leaving home, he's merely away for a few months and then he will be home with laundry