Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Here are some more photos I took on a recent kayak ride down the cove near my house.

The calm waters and the setting sun joined forces to create some beautiful reflections on the creek.

This week has felt more like a month; the days have been exceedingly long.  Today is no different.  Although it's my day off, I will get up at 5:30 a.m., drive Daughter to Gloucester for her cross country scrimmage, procure books for her AP classes next year, cut grass, clean the house, and last but not least be herded into the high school for Bring Your Checkbook and Ink Pen So We Can Empty Your Accounts Day, also known as Open House, also known as There's a Fee For Everything Including Breathing Day.

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming long weekend, even though when it's over we're flung headfirst into September and the start of the school year.

And summer starts to leave us. I feel like I was only just getting used to her being around.  I'm not ready for her to leave.

For now, I'll just go back to staring at these reflections, which help erase all some of the stress.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful beautiful photos.

Jamie said...

I'm looking forward to the long weekend too. Looking forward to being on the water. School already started here- last week so summer is over already in my head.

Anonymous said...

Can't complain about the summer. Wish we had weather like this every summer. Great photos, by the way. Betsy

Anonymous said...

I hear that the alligators have gotten pretty bad on Queen's Creek.

Be careful out there.


Meg McCormick said...

Those photos are lovely! I know all about the fees... and I, too, need to come up with some A/P books for my kid. THREE of them. ACK.

Country Girl said...

I like that you're kayaking and being one with nature. It sure is good for what ails you. xo

thotlady said...

Beautiful shots.

Annie said...

some amazing photos cbw