Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The other day, post-Hurricane Irene, I drove down to Aaron's Beach to check on things.  On the way there, I spied this egret standing in someone's swamp yard that was still saturated with water from the storm.

I was so focused on the egret that I almost neglected to see the other two who were hanging out in the background. Luckily I spotted them before they took off and zoomed in a bit for a better glimpse.

I love surprises, and this was quite unexpected.

In other news, although we're in a great deal of denial, today kicks off  back to school week here, so we begrudgingly return to the frenetic pace associated with a new school year, sports practices, soccer games and driving for hours on end cross country meets.

Every single day will be a logistical nightmare challenge.

The Mathews High School Cross Country team has a 4:00 p.m. meet at Beaverdam in Gloucester on Wednesday.  Last year I created a separate blog for the team which I haven't updated since last season and am overdue posting year-end photos which I hope to maintain throughout this season as time permits.

Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Me encanto todo, CBW. Glorious photos and so good to see all the wildlife that has withstood the storms....mama deer is watching over her beautiful fawn.
You are a good mama deer yourself, herding the CBW boy & girl to all their daily rounds....I remember those days of having to drive my sons everywhere; I don't really miss that part. I just miss the kids they used to be sometimes.

Kay L. Davies said...

Love your photos.
Felicitations on your children making into another year of school. Gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair when I think of you rushing in several different directions at one time to deliver them to everything they can't live without doing.
Before you know it, they'll be away at college, and after that you'll be a grandmother, and maybe they'll be married, and maybe they won't.
So today is the good old days.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

deborah said...

The egret is such a graceful bird and what a capture of the deer!
Take care racing about to all the events! I would say I miss all the shuttling of guys to their practices and events, but I would be lying..but it is over in a seemingly blink of an eye, so enjoy it while you can

Mental P Mama said...


Daryl said...

Oh those photos are so good, love them.

I hope your redyn (WV) for the ferryin'

Maria_NJ said...

My baby is starting high school today...I was just changing her diapers not to long ago, where does the time go...

Jamie said...

Again, I saw the same exact bird in the same exact yard and now I'm wishing I was still down there. Good luck with school. We've been back a week and I survived- so did the kids.

Deb Gordon said...

I start every day with your photos (and revisit them again and again as my stress levels and blood pressure rise throughout the day).

Where, exactly, is Aaron's beach?

Trisha said...

Zooming in was a wonderful idea - what a lovely picture.

Dghawk4 said...

Wonderful photos, CBW! I haven't seen my doe & babies since the storm. Saw the 2 bucks one day, but then the "buck-et" trucks decended on the area and haven't seen them since. There are apples next door,so I figure they will be back.

foolery said...

The captcha code is ZINGER. I came all the way here to tell you that, apparently, because Blogger ate my first comment and I have no idea what I originally wrote. I can guarantee you it was a zinger, though.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

LLC- Thank you!

Kay - I'm not ready for grandmother-hood yet, in fact I'm barely ready for tenth grade, but you're right the time is flying by. Thanks for the reminder that the good old days are now, it's easy to lose sight of that in all the chaos.

Deborah - As much as I can't wait to be liberated from a school calendar, I know that will mean they are grown, so I shouldn't wish it away so soon. Thank you, too, for that reminder.

MPM-Qwah x 2.

Daryl - I was born redyn.

Maria - I feel your pain. Just try not to blink.

DJ - This yard is almost always filled with water, or maybe I only go down there at high tide, but I usually see some sort of waterfowl on the premises. Glad you got to visit this beautiful beach.

Deb - Not sure if you're familiar with Mathews, but if so Aaron's Beach is situated between Haven and Bethel beaches. It's at the end of Route 645, aptly called Aarons Beach Road. If you email me I can give you more specific directions from the Court House.

Trisha - Thank you, I was lucky to get them before they scampered off into the cover of the woods.

Dghawk - Those bucket trucks are everywhere, aren't they? Hopefully your deer will be back soon.

Foolery - Sorry your comment disappeared, I'm sure it really was a zinger - they always are. Blogger has been doing that here lately, not sure why.