Monday, September 12, 2011

Ware House

Soybean field leading down to public landing in Gloucester

These were taken a couple of weeks ago in neighboring Gloucester County at the end of Ware House Road.

There's a public landing there called Warehouse Landing.

If you happen to be wondering why the road name is two separate words and the landing is one merged name, you're in good company. Or rather, you're in my company.  And this question will haunt me throughout the day today.  Warehouse Landing at the end of Ware House Road on the Ware River. Was it a warehouse on the Ware River or a house on the Ware River or both? Although I'm not ever usually a stickler for details, this one is perplexing. 

Raise your hand if you're already confused, tired of hearing the words Ware and house, or just plain aggravated that it's Monday?  

(Chesapeake Bay Woman, put your hand down.) 

I've posted shots of this house and its outbuilding several times before, most recently in April before the tornado.

Click here to see how it's changed, albeit slightly, in just a few months.

Speaking of subtle changes, on a drive through Gloucester County yesterday, I noticed that the lush green which peaked in July and August has started to give way to a lackluster, dull, dry green. The cornfields have already turned a crispy brown and some have even been harvested.

Fall is just around the corner, and this depresses me just a bit.

A few questions for this Monday:

1. Who can tell me anything about Warehouse Landing in Gloucester?  (Dear Chesapeake Bay Mother, since you lived near this road as a youngster, I am hoping you can provide some much-needed facts and information.)

2. Which do you prefer, the stifling heat and humidity warmth and vibrant, green colors of summer or the ominous signs of winter cool, brisk days of fall?

3. After a week without an earthquake, tornado, water spout, hurricane, or other natural disaster, I am wondering if it's safe for me to put away the plywood that covered my windows or if I should just keep it on the back deck in anticipation of the next natural disaster. Thoughts? Opinions?

Have a great week.


deborah said...

I prefer the cool crisp days of fall and we have had a week of that type of weather. Just lovely! Icky sticky days ahead, I'm sure, since these days were only a tease for the fall weather to come.
I'm a firm believer in not doing more than you have to do, so by leaving that plywood on your deck shows that you are prepared for any type of weather.
Wishing you a stress-free week!

Ann Marie said...

Yesterday on Witchduck Rd I had to wonder.. did they decided that the witch was really a duck or that the duck was really a witch.. hmmmmmmm

Jamie said...

I know nothing about Warehouse Landing.

I like fall but I like not dealing with school in the summer, and the vacations.

Leave the plywood there. Hurricane season isn't over yet and it you put them away it's the surest way to guarantee we'll get hit again (if you're prepared it never happens).

growing wild on waverly lane said...

1. Anyplace in Gloucester with a dock was opportunity to unload goods for local stores (no tractor trailers in the early 1900's). By the name, one could assume a warehouse accommodating local merchants (who horse and wagoned their wares to their stores) might have been there. Just guessing.

Also a favorite parking place for young lovers in my day, I got my first kiss there, but nothing more life-altering. "Pete," our dog got to swim there. Daddywould
lather him with Sergeant's Skip Flea bar soap and let him rinse off in the Ware River.

Grandaddy swam that river with his little son on his back.

My mother's Uncle Clifton had a little farmette on an inlet nearby and the wooded banks offered plentiful crabbing (sigh, crabbing on dry land in the shade).

2. Season? Snow...big, deep, longlasting snow.

3. Plywood stays till October is gone.

Diane said...

I know nothing about warehouses.

It doesn't get that humid here, and we haven't had much of a summer, but I'm actually looking forward to fall!

foolery said...


I could go on.

Dghawk4 said...

There is a fairly prominent family in James City County anmed Ware. They also run Ware Creek Real Estate. As to if they have any connection to Ware House Road, I have no clue.

I like fall best because the trees and shrubs all seem to be dressed in thier "Sunday best" with all the colors, and the air seems crisp and bright.

Don't put the plywood away yet. That would be inviting another storm.

Maria_NJ said...

summer all the way baby!!!

listen to Mom and leave the plywood for ow, Mom's know best...

Meg McCormick said...

I like summer but even more than that I really dig the cool late-summer mornings, that make for ideal sleeping weather. Windows open, blankets pulled up.