Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Old and New

I loaded these photos Sunday night after my trip to Merroir and slapped a quick title on it without having written anything.  When I first opened this tonight to put some words around the pictures, I couldn't figure out why I'd called it Old and New.

Then I remembered.

Obviously this is the old part.  But not just this outbuilding.
I was also referencing the stark, empty trees whose leaves 
have withered up and died over the winter.

Upon closer inspection, however, there is grass growing in this field.

Daffodils wave from under the brush.

And before too long the tree below will be full of new green leaves.

Old and new.

The End.


My father's surgery yesterday was a success.  He said he was in some mild discomfort last night but no doubt he'll be back to his normal state of "almost perfect" soon.


deborah said...

please tell your father that I hope he heals quickly with little or no discomfort - so sorry to hear that he had surgery.
Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Glad to know your dad is recovering....big fan of CBFather here.
Here is hoping he will be doing wheelies and scaring the bananas out of all of you again soon, with his feats of Derring-Do. XO

Jamie said...

Glad to hear CBFather is doing well and will be back to driving the zero turn mower on the dock in no time.

Anonymous said...

Hooray, glad to hear good news about your dad. Old and New describes our lawn, too. The rain yesterday literally caused spring growth to pop out within an hour of the storm stopping--that's as close to "before my eyes" as I've ever seen. Some branches still hold their dead leaves, others burst forth and popped their dead leaves right off the stem. Old and new. Betsy

growing wild on waverly lane said...

I'll be composing a blog post on yesterday's experience. Comments do not suffice to describe. Thanks to all who thought of us and mentioned Husband to God, who has heard about him before.

Dghawk said...

Wonderful news on CBDad! Can't wait to hear about his and your Mother's "adventure".

Yes, Spring is springing! I heard spring peepers when I left for work the other day. Now if I can get used to this blasted Daylight Saving Time. It doesn't bother me in the fall, but in the spring it's hell-o!