Thursday, March 14, 2013


This was a scrimmage against Warhill.  It was ugly and also brutally cold

These pictures are from a scrimmage about a week ago against a double A school. Mathews is single A. The game was, dare I say, atrocious.  I'm not sure how many points we lost by, but it wasn't pretty.

(Also, I am not sure what the appropriate rules are for spelling out or capitalizing As when it comes to schools, so just overlook any blatant errors I may have just committed.)

Here we have two #7s and two #12s.  What are the chances?

Fast forward to last night, the opening game of the season.  Not only did they play much better, but they won, 4-3

Seven has always been my lucky number.  By chance she was given it.
Also, on her arm is a special designator for her status of captain.

At the risk of sounding like an overly boastful a really proud parent, my daughter scored 50% of the goals.  Two of the four.

Did I mention this is a co-ed high school team, and many of the teams they play against have all boys and no girls?  

I think I'm going to like this soccer season.


Anonymous said...

I looked at photos of the soccer team and thought nothing was unusual until you mentioned the team is co-ed..few if any girls on the awesome is it that CBDaughter is captain ? Brag on, we don't mind a will probably love this season just as you've predicted; can't wait for updates. XO to CBDaddy-O and W.O.Waverley Mom.

Annie said...

wow, well done to c b daughter and her soccer team.

Hope your Dad is feeling better.

Life is getting warmer and sunnier in this little corner of Australia. Twill be 34 Celsius max here on Sunday, while it will be snowing down south in Tasmania on the w'e!! A land of contrasts!

Talking of mania, they were having bush fires there last week, and this!! Then to snow for the w'e. In early Autumn!! Ridiculous. You have to be a little crazy to live on this crazy island called Australia!!

Daryl said...

well done #7 (my favorite # as well) .. speaking of 7s have you seen Skyfall?

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I can tell you are a proud momma!!

Meg McCormick said...

I love it! Brag away, mama.