Monday, August 4, 2014


Once upon a time, a family from Mathews descended upon a pool, and life was not just good, it was grand.

SUNbreros were the norm.

(Sombreros were too.)

CB Daughter

The break from Life--and a pool in the back yard--invited smiles.

CB Son

The crazy-good Thai restaurant we hit in the throes of Seafood City 
on the way down also elicited some smiles. 

I'm not kidding, folks.  The best Thai food I've had in my life (thus  far) was somewhere 
on the Outer Banks on the way to our destination..  The two below can vouch for it.  

But back to the pool. 

My seventy-ish parents also loved the pool.  If I didn't know better, I'd say they were five going on eight.

Years old.

This is why I love our vacations together.

Ages go out the door.

(And roles are happily possibly reversed. Possibly. Happily.)

Our favorite people Baby Sis and Dino joined in the fun again this year.

Dino cooked us some some incredible dinners.

Baby Sis and he kept us thoroughly entertained.

With games called Bullsh** and just general conversation.

It's really hard to be around either one of them and not laugh at anything they say. 

For any reason.

At any time.

Of the day or night.

They just make us all laugh.

(Thank you, Baby Sis and Dino.)

We missed Middle Sister, whose birthday occurred during our vacation.

We skyped or I-somethinged or called her to make she knew sure we were thinking of her.

If I haven't mentioned it, and even if I did it's worth mentioning again....we all thoroughly enjoyed the pool.

C B Father

One in our midst is leaving the fold for college in a few weeks.  

He's definitely ready to go.

He also definitely enjoyed this vacation.

Another in our midst is not a huge fan of the heat and sun, but she was a trooper.

(And she starts cross country and in-car driver's ed today. Speaking of Back to Reality.)

As for me, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

But we all did.

L to R,  Baby Sis, Dino, Wild on Waverly Lane/CB Mother, CB Father, Daughter and Son

Although we all missed Middle Sis, we were able to make another set of memories for the crazy patchwork quilt that is our life.

I'm eternally grateful for that quilt and for each individual panel that makes up our life.

I love vacation week, and I love my family.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! And now I must go out and find a sunbrero and then hop into our pool. See what you've started. Betsy

Meg McCormick said...

I bet it'll take your sides a while to recover from the aches that are there from all that laughing!! Such priceless fun.

Daryl said...

welcome back .. looks like you all had a fabulous time

Anonymous said...

What would you call that pirate hat you wore---a Rumbrero ?
My facebook photos contain family reunion photos from May; wish I knew how to send some to you. Like your family, my relatives were wearing an assortment of hats.(I missed seeing photos of your Middle Sis, and hope she had a great birthday.)
My brother's new boyfriend attended our reunion & enjoyed the full immersion of family experience for the first time-- (and he was a hit because he brought some awesome hats like a genuine Shriner fez and a hat made to look like one was wearing a roast chicken on the head, with drumsticks pointing upwards.) We also had an 80 yr. old dress- designer pal of my mom's who came out here from New York City, and he spent 3 days in the heat dressed in 3-piece linen suits, drinking copiously and telling stories about Coco Channel.
It is bittersweet to see your son poised for college, and hopefully there will be future summers joining you all for the vacay week. Great fun seeing your dad and your mom, with her adorable smile, in the pool. Thanks for sharing those photos and memories so soon on your return ! Love your CB family.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Betsy, thank you! Sunbreros make the pool so much more festive.

Meg, we did so much laughing on the first day alone, I thought I was going to bust a blood vessel. And a rib.

Daryl, thank you, we did!

LLC, if I haven't said so lately (and I know I haven't), I do so love your comments. I'm on FB too under true name and am dying to see the roasted chicken hat! I'll have to google it, I'm sure it's out there somewhere. Your family reunion sounds like the basis for a very rich comedy.

Thanks to all of you for being patient with this rather slow and boring blog, and for taking the time to comment. It's very much appreciated.