Tuesday, July 22, 2008

James Brown

Continuing with yesterday's theme of my mother's writing, here is a portion of something she wrote about James Brown. James Brown is my mother's absolute favorite after Joe Tex, but J. B. was way more prolific, and, might I say, hilarious. ("Popcorn," anyone? I break out into hysterics whenever I hear that song.)

"Everything in life can be set to a tune by James Brown, the Godfather of Soul. James has been setting my feet on fire since I cannot remember when. Growing up in the fifties, I stole into my father's Oldsmobile (I swear) and listened to James, Joe Tex, and whomever happened to be playing on the local radio station. Occasionally I would catch a bawling-out for running the car battery down, but not for my decadent musical taste, which remained my little secret.

....My children know better than to disparage my music (since they like it too); my husband used to play in a soul band and shares my fondness for the music-induced euphoria it brings us. Our neighbors* are mostly country music fans, going on and on about their heroes and heroines (some of whom we have never heard of), and we pretend to agree. It is pushing our luck to show our true colors....

On Mother's Day I cooked a very mediocre chicken dinner and cranked up James Brown. It was Mother's Day and this mother wanted it, OK? When it comes to dancing, I don't have a good foot; nevertheless "Get Off on the Good Foot" was the anthem of the day.

And I feel good."

-Chesapeake Bay Woman's Mother

*These are the same neighbors mentioned in a previous story, who may or may not have considered my parents to be devil-worshippers, even though they aren't. They just listen to James Brown on major holidays and streak through the yard on occasion.

Is there anything wrong with that?


Mental P Mama said...

I love your mother! Will she adopt me? How are you doing?????

Grandma J said...

I love James Brown and your mom.
I know what she means about her neigbors liking CW music, and going on and on about their favorite artists.

How funny that your mom used to run down the car battery listening to the radio. That was a common sin in our household when I was a kid...one of the things we did that made my father "let us have it."

"I feel good"

Anonymous said...

I too love the Godfather of Soul, because he is talented and equally hilarious. I once said that other women would pass out if they saw, say, Brad Pitt or Jon Bon Jovi, but I would absolutely fall straight backwards if I ever met James Brown. I guess I won't have the chance now, until I TAKE IT TO THE BRIDGE UP IN THE SKY!!! And then I will definitely JUMP BACK AND KISS MYSELF!!!

Anonymous said...

The only thing wrong with that is if she doesn't do the squeal/yell thing that JB does. Because you gotta do that whenever you hear some James Brown.

Big Hair Envy said...


Did you ever see the spoof that Eddie Murphy did on Saturday Night Live? It was JB getting into the hot tub....HILARIOUS!

"Oh, I burnt my toe. It's too HOT. In the hot tub!"

Bear Naked said...

Another James Brown fan here.
My problem right now though is
"I Don't feel good."

Typing with one hand is very very difficult.

Bear((( )))

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Your mom rocks...LITERALLY!

Now I have James Brown stuck in my head. It could be worse...it could be the Doodlebops.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

mpm - Yes, she is officially up for adoption. Oh! You meant will she adopt you....sure. Can you bail a boat out? I'll gladly trade places with you. (And, btw, I'm fine, other than the gangrenous finger and newly chipped chin.)

gj - It wasn't so long ago that a battery could be run down by turning the car off with the headlights on. No such thing as the auto shut-off.

Babysis - Go 'head, girl.

sinaff-I cannot do the sqeal/yell/patented J.B. noise thing. I do admire it, though.

bhe - The Eddie Murphy/Hot tub is my all-time SNL favorite, hands down.

bn - I hope you feel better. I'm wishing and sending you good, healing thoughts.

auds - I agree, she does rock. She bought me several of my first 45's (for those dinosaurs who even know what one of those is). Heatwave's Groove Line and Exile's I Want to Kiss You All Over. Mind you, I didn't ask her to buy these for me, she went on the offensive and bought them and then gave them to me knowing I'd play them repeatedly and ad nauseum. She's pretty clever that way, making me think it was my idea and all.

Karen Deborah said...

nope nuttin. PLEASE tell us more about where you live, it's gorgeous!!
your mom is wonderful.

Keeper Of All Things said...

I love your Mom stories....They make me smile!!!!

foolery said...

We have avoided using the phrase "hot tub" in front of our daughters for a couple of years now, because they launch into the Eddie Murphy James Brown impersonation.

Now I'm nervous about meeting your mother, as she is much hipper than I am. I guess I won't bring her a Marty Robbins CD. Should I wear gold lammé?