Sunday, July 20, 2008


As much as I love the sunsets around here, the sunrises can be just as magnificent.

May everyone's week be as serene and magical as this sunrise.


Mental P Mama said...

That is spectacular.

Grandma J said...

What a beautiful way to start the day.
I should look into getting up early enough to get some sunrise-sunset shots around here.

Carin Fuchs said...

GORGEOUS! With a sunrise like that I think even I could become an 'early bird'!

Anonymous said...

Great picture. Your doughter and I are doing nothing and probrally keep doing nothing (she is addicted to that game you got her). I wish that I woke up to se that.
Remmeber to water the plants. Even the ones by the red VW. The squared made by the sticks are were the plants are. Love you.

Kathy said...

Found you through Fresh Fixins!

I love your photos and your sense of humor (as I read back through several posts).

Enjoy your day.

foolery said...

Leaving for a few days starting tomorrow night. There's a rack of cheap red wine by the microwave -- have at it. Ignore the ants, unless, of course, they carry off the microwave again. Or the wine. In which case, please call the FBI.


Helena Handbasket

Grandma J said...

I just got back from a stressful appointment, and I'm just 2 degrees away from heatstroke. Having said that, maybe someone can explain what "Son" meant by the following statement:

The squared made by the sticks are were the plants are.

Are the plants invisible? I love that your son helps keep you on the straight and narrow.

auds at barking mad said...

I don't think I have command of any other words right now (long day) so I'll leave with one that I think best sums this up.


kaffy said...

I can't believe you got up so early. But glad you did, cuz that's an incredible picture! If only I could drag myself up at 0 dark thirty, then I'd see all sorts of beautiful things.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Hey, y'all. Just got back from the paying job where they frown upon internet usage, which makes me frown upon them even more than I ordinarily frown upon them. They just don't understand my internet addiction.

Anyway, thank you all for commenting as always. A few answers/responses:

mpm, gj, cf, auds and kaffy - Thank you. It does pay to get up early some times. Only some times though.

son - We'll talk about your spelling later, just know I DID water your plants just now and they look fine. Love you and your video-game addicted sister, and will see you tomorrow. Get ready: Nanny is fixing us some good stuff from the garden.

kathy - I'm glad you like my warped and distorted sense of humor.

foolery: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! not again with a vacation! I'll tend to your house and will definitely tend to that wine....

gj -You have no idea how much Son and Daughter keep me straight. Of course it works both ways. Regrettably they sometimes display some of their mother's tendencies....but we just laugh at it and poke fun of it and laugh some more and all is right with the world. We do a lot of laughing around here. Oh, and he meant the SQUARE made by the sticks are where the plants are. He has his mother's proofreading skills too.

It is hotter than blue blazes here today, take it easy and please don't have a heatstroke on me.

Happy Monday evening, everyone.

Karen Deborah said...

How much is a house there? I wanta move!

Grandma J said...

Oh no, I wasn't referring to your son's grammar...I was trying to picture the sticks and wondered if you wouldn't know what the plants looked like otherwise.
I think your son is very bright and well trained.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

kd - A person can live here very well on very little. It's a great place to live.

gj - You're right...there's no possible way I could have missed where those plants are, but I guess he knows his mother well enough to know that she might forget where they are...he really does a good job of keeping me straight.

Sage said...

That is one spectacular picture... we haven't had anything like that over here... ever... magic.

well read hostess said...

Just beautiful...we usually try to spend some time on the bay every summer, but it hasn't happened for us yet this year...and it's the end of July! Yikes! Your gorgeous pictures are my motivation to get down there!